Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Limey 009

I fell in love the very first night, that I was here
I crashed a party, or a wedding, or a birthday, some Catholic thing; there were priests
I caught her eye, I thought we’d be perfect, but we didn’t speak
Over and over the last three days I’ve been falling in love this way
— Dan Bern, Via Gioberti

No pornography exploits women. It exploits men. It’s the men that are made to look stupid, silly and ridiculous, chasing after the golden elixir. Women look beautiful, do what they wanna do and get paid for it. — Lydia Lunch

19:56 <chrissturm> ruby-de is der volle aggro channel
19:57 <penpen> was dem IRC fehlt ist force feedback
19:57 <chrissturm> und rumble

So the world evolved a creature
Infinitely creative
That would make things interesting
And mess the order some
And build towers of buildings
To cut strange lines in the sky
— Dan Bern, Going Fine