Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Anarchaia Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anarchaia?

Anarchaia is the very first tumblelog. In fact, it was that early the term didn’t even exist back then.

It is very hard to explain what a tumblelog is, it’s more than a linkblog but contains less writing then a usual blog. Just look around on the site a bit and you’ll quickly figure it out.

More information about tumblelogs can be found at the ozimodo site.

What do those weird acronyms mean?
Wow, Just Wow
Not Safe For Work (here, contains explicit nudity or sexual scenes)
Possibly Not Safe For Work (here, contains light nudity or obscene jokes)
You rock, I’d like to marry you.

Please send me a picture and description of you. Females only, sorry. You are welcome to mail me even if you don’t actually want to marry me, though.

I still have a question!

Fine, just ask me via mail.