Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


14:18 <chris2> btw, do you think it's very geeky to have the alarm wake you at 8:22 ?

I got no motivation
Where is my motivation
No time for motivation
Smoking my inspiration
— Green Day, Long View

14:07 <Grandmaster> Randroid: yeah university is both good and bad, i felt like i wasted 3 years of my life, but i got tonnes of oppertunites from it
14:07 <davidfelstead> Pfft…3 years? Call that going to university? :)
14:07 <Grandmaster> yes in the uk.
14:08 <davidfelstead> That's like having a sponge bath and calling it 'going for a swim' :P

Used to be the now gone guillaume/48321557.

But let’s not talk of love or chains and things we can’t untie,
Your eyes are soft with sorrow,
Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye.
— Leonard Cohen, Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye

ThoughtSometimes I’m happy that the others don’t think as much as I do.