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ThoughtThat’s it, folks. This is the last issue of Anarchaia. Life goes on at Trivium. See you all on the other side.
everything comes to an end

das ist als wuerde der ORF
aufhoeren zu senden :) — Manuel Simoni

So it’s fare thee well my own true love,
We’ll meet another day, another time.
It ain’t the leavin’
That’s a-grievin’ me
But my true love who’s bound to stay behind.
— Bob Dylan, Farewell

23:21 <FunctorSalad> lolol, loldiol, loltriol, …
I caught a bushel of oranges.

A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep
— Pete Seeger, Turn! Turn! Turn!

I will not spend all my spare time on Flickr

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Die Stimme Gottes: “Ich habe es nicht gewollt.” — Karl Kraus, Die Letzten Tage Der Menschheit



He’ll take you up, he’ll bring you down,
He’ll plant your feet back firmly on the ground.
He flies so high, he swoops so low,
He knows exactly which way hes gonna go.
Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary.
— Moody Blues, Legend Of A Mind

ThoughtCreativity is the art of amazing yourself.

I see the ships of a friendly fleet
And a song so sweetly sounding
And gentle souls who think not to defeat
As across the waves they are bounding
— Gene Clark, 1975

16:56 <duschendestroyer> cool
16:56 <duschendestroyer> heute ist quasi-freitag
18:14 <christophsturm> wir sagen donnerstag dazu


makan photoshoot5.jpg

Now you’re telling me you’re not nostalgic
Then give me another word for it
You who are so good with words
And at keeping things vague
— Joan Baez, Diamonds And Rust

Well, I want you to know, I just had to go.
I want you to know, we just had to grow.
So it’s goodbye first love, and I hope you’re fine.
— The Incredible String Band, First Girl I Loved

After sunset