Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Lomo - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Brown eyed women and red grenadine
the bottle was dusty but the liquor was clean
Sound of the thunder with the rain pouring down
and it looks like the old man’s getting on
— Grateful Dead, Brown-Eyed Women

we are all mammals

People asking questions lost in confusion
Well I tell them there’s no problem, only solutions
Well they shake their heads and they look at me as if I’ve lost my mind
I tell them there’s no hurry, I’m just sitting here doing time
— John Lennon, Watchin’ The Wheels



Remember how you used to feel dear
You said nothing would change your mind
It breaks my heart
To see us part
So sad to watch good love go bad
— Don and Phil Everly, So Sad

ThoughtC++ is better than C, because… you can declare variables like if (int i = ...).

And I’m gonna get me a shiny gun
Just to show the boys some fun
Diamond Joe come and get me, Diamond Joe
— Tex Logan, Diamond Joe


Sherbert Limbs

Summertime in the heat
Summer dive in the sheets
Waterslide into me
Come closer
— Veruca Salt, Closer


She’s like Heroin to me
she’s like Heroin to me
she’s like Heroin to me
she cannot miss a vein
— The Gun Club, She’s Like Heroin To Me


“Tonight”, she said, “we leave here.”
We leave here for sure.
I’m still waiting here.
I can’t keep waiting for her.
— Jane Jensen, Blank Sugar

sushi time

Later on we were talking and you charmed me
sign me up I’m enlisting in your army
swept me off my eyes and undercovers
close to you and I didn’t want another
— The Dollyrots, Nobody Else

Oh, Sushi Heaven!



I’ve spend my whole life yearning
Living and learning
Living and learning
Living and learning
Saving and spending
Spending and earning
Eternity burning
— Moev, Wanting

You say nobody told you
It would feel like this
You’ve got the killing gun
Held in your hand
— Eurythmics, No Fear, No Hate, No Pain, No Broken Hearts

Sigmaringen Castle Reflected by River Danube


Israel 2008

Well, I sure don’t know
What I’m goin’ for
But I’m gonna go for it,
That’s for sure.
— John Perry Barlow, Saint Of Circumstance

If the game is lost,
Then we’re all the same.
No one left to place or take the blame.
We can leave this place and empty stone
Or that shinin’ ball we used to call our home.
— John Perry Barlow, Throwing Stones



She cries out ‘Not again Dear Lord!
I can not go on like this
No one can understand
No one could live like this’
— Kill Switch Klick, Her Trembling Hands

A design problem is not an optimization problem. — Christopher Alexander, [via]

Tree & Moon

Esau holds a blessing;
Brother Esau bears a curse.
I would say that the blame is mine
But I suspect it’s something worse.
— Grateful Dead, My Brother Esau


I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel,
you were talking so brave and so sweet,
giving me head on the unmade bed,
while the limousines wait in the street.
— Leonard Cohen, Chelsea Hotel #2

final sunset take two
ThoughtI wanted to see Indiana Jones, but they screened some version of Stargate.
Kakteen 2008-53

Let me see you stripped down to the bone
I taste when we kiss
I taste when we kiss
You’re breathing in fumes
I taste when we kiss
— Depeche Mode, Breathing In Fumes



Everyone is smiling
The smiling is pushing it around
Its pushing it around
Like shadows in the evolution in the dark
— Underworld, Moaner

Take it slow
Let it go
The more you know
The less you know
— Luscious Jackson, Let Yourself Get Down

the illuminati



Touched, you say that I am too
so much, of what you say is true
I’ll never find someone quite like you again
I’ll never find someone quite like you, like you
— Vast, Touched


I’ve been moving
I’ve been dreaming
I’ve been looking at you
— Let’s Go Sailing, Sideways



‘cos you’re never gonna spend a lonely day here
come and watch your fears fly away
and you’ll never hunger for a greener side than here
gonna wrap you up in cotton wool and save you
and save you
— Lamb, Cotton Wool

(Oooh) What’s the fun in playing it safe?
(Oooh) I think I’d rather misbehave
Our way
— Bitter:Sweet, Dirty Laundry

- by -SPK


A good notation sets the mind free to think about really important things. — Alfred North Whitehead


House in my head has left me for dead
This house in my head, and I’m going home
House in my head has left me for dead
House in my head, and I’m going home
— Sons And Daughters, House In My Head


Here she built a chapel with
Her image on the wall
A place where she could rest and
A place where she could wash
— P.J. Harvey, The Wind


Spring 191

Its not really work
Its just the power to charm
Im still standing in the wind
But I never wave bye bye
— Last Town Chorus. Modern Love

17:49 <apeiros> hi chris2
17:49 <apeiros> (hi chris-zwei - das reimt sich)
17:50 <chris2> *g*
17:50 <apeiros> hu chris2, now it rimes in english too
17:50 <chris2> okay guys, who gave him drugs?
17:50 <apeiros> why do you think I'd need that to get high? :)

I’ve got a, grand vision, marching down the street in millions
But I don’t know , if it could be, I keep them secrets even from me
— Minuit, We’re All Scared Professor



Wenn der Frühling kommt und deine Seele brennt,
du wachst nachts auf aus deinen Träumen,
aber da is’ niemand, der bei dir pennt,
wenn der, auf den du wartest,
dich sitzen läßt:
Halt dich an deiner Liebe fest.
— Ton Steine Scherben, Halt Dich An Deiner Liebe Fest

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration. Jeffrey Zeldman

You belong to me, baby, without any doubt,
Don’t forsake me, baby, don’t sell me out.
Don’t keep me knockin’ about from Mexico to Tibet,
True love, true love, true love tends to forget.
— Bob Dylan, True Love Tends To Forget

Atardecer desde mi balcon


ThoughtAnarchaia will resume publishing on Sunday, May 18. See you at S3!

Confusion’s prince is at my door.
The crown I wear’s the one he wore
He’s here to bring me down some more
And bend my mind.
— Grateful Dead, Mindbender


I run through the forest, I cut past the vine
Head through the thickets, many a time
Octave of voices, sweet voices belie
I live for the comfort of cold Clementine
— Greateful Dead, Clementine


ThoughtNo Anarchaia tomorrow, I’m away all day. See you Tuesday.
Hall Light

I looked at you for the very first time
You’re like a river running through my mind
They say we’re young, we don’t know what we do
But I can’t make it if I can’t have you
— Dead Moon, Over The Edge

Pencil tips

Rain gonna come but the rain gonna go, you know
Stepping off sharply from the rank and file
Awful cold and dark like a dungeon
Maybe get a little bit darker ‘fore the day
— Grateful Dead, Doin’ That Rag


rose et blanche

Life may be sweeter for this, I don’t know
See how it feels in the end
May Lady Lullaby sing plainly for you
Soft, strong, sweet and true
— Grateful Dead, Crazy Fingers

14:48 <benny> troll = reaktroll

The summer sun looked down on him,
His mother could but frown on him,
And all the other sound on him,
He had to die, you know he had to die.
— Grateful Dead, That’s It For The Other One

20:26 <shevy> hab ich schon mal erwähnt das ich mathematiker hasse?
20:26 <shevy> monaden kacker!
froot loops

Content negotiation is a waste of bits. — Roy T. Fielding



Politik use drugs
Politik use bombs
Politik need torpedoes
Politik needs blood
Thats what my friend is an evidence
Politik is violence
What my friend is a evidence
Politik is violence
— Manu Chao, Politik Kills


Let the world go by
all lost in dreaming
To lay me down
one last time
To lay me down
— Grateful Dead, To Lay Me Down


abstract light

My mantra is “Look for the Second Right Answer.” Roger von Oech

Wie schreibe ich denn?!
Ganz frei, ganz ohne Bedenken. Nie weiß ich mein Thema vorher, nie denke ich nach. Ich nehme Papier und schreibe. Sogar den Titel schreibe ich so hin und hoffe, es wird sich schon etwas machen, was mit dem Titel im Zusammenhang steht. Man muss sich auf sich verlassen, sich nicht Gewalt antun, sich entsetzlich frei ausleben lassen, hinfliegen –. Was dabei herauskommt, ist sicher das, was wirklich und tief in mir war. Kommt nichts heraus, so war eben nichts wirklich und tief darin und das macht dann auch nichts. Peter Altenberg


Will I see you tonight
on a downtown train
every night is just the same
you leave me lonely now
— Tom Waits, Downtown Train


Eze Evening 2

Keep a rolling
Just a mile to go
Keep on rolling, my old buddy
You’re moving much too slow
— Grateful Dead, Jack Straw

Red Square

I’d meet you anywhere in the country
or anywhere on the sea
All over the world it could be
I would follow you with the heart of me
— Grateful Dead, From The Heart Of Me


Does it take much of a man
To see a whole life go down
To look on the world
From a hole in the ground
Too late for your future
Like a horse thats gone lame
To lie in the gutter
And die with no name
— Bob Dylan, Only A Hobo


When something interests us, we play around with it. Sometimes this yields a funny observation; sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s about all there is to it. Once in a while the cartoonist will find himself in a beam of light and angels will appear with a great idea, but not often. Bill Watterson

Cuba- Nov 07 - 242


We’re standing on the beach,
The sea will part before me
(Fire wheel burning in the air)
And you will follow me,
And we will ride to glory
— Grateful Dead, Estimated Prophet

13 by robdobi
DESERT 3.jpg

Right outside this lazy summer home
you don’t have time to call your soul a critic, no
Right outside the lazy gate of winter’s summer home
wondering where the nuthatch winters
Wings a mile long just carried the bird away
— Grateful Dead, Eyes Of The World


Scene of nature

Comes a time
when the blind man
takes your hand
says: don’t you see?
got to make it somehow
on the dreams you still believe
— Grateful Dead, Comes A Time

Meandering leads to perfection. — Lao Tzu



Tulips 2

The black-throated wind keeps on pouring in
With its words of a life where nothing is new.
Ah, Mother American Night, I’m lost from the light.
Ohhh, I’m drowning in you.
— Grateful Dead, Black-Throated Wind

19:05 <benny> twitter sind wie die kreationisten… wenn man sie fragt warum sie daran glauben laufen sie weg

Going where the water tastes like wine
Well I’m going where the water tastes like wine
Going where the water tastes like wine
I don’t wanna be treated this a way
— Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad

Sea Fort 23


Emo Lincoln

Her hair was brightsome color
Her voice was sweet to me
I know that I will always love her
And I hope that she loved me
— Charlie Monroe, Rosa Lee McFall

I once had a friend who said liquor will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no liquor. — Bob Dylan


Mountain high, river wide
So many roads to ride
So many roads
So many roads
— Grateful Dead, So Many Roads


Wacht auf, Verdammte dieser Erde,
die stets man noch zum Hungern zwingt!
Das Recht wie Glut im Kraterherde
nun mit Macht zum Durchbruch dringt.
Reinen Tisch macht mit den Bedrängern!
Heer der Sklaven, wache auf!
Ein Nichts zu sein, tragt es nicht länger
Alles zu werden, strömt zuhauf!
— Die Internationale

die unverbesserlichen

No saviours from on high deliver,
No trust we have in prince or peer;
Our own right hand the chains must shiver.
Chains of hatred, greed and fear.
‘Ere the thieves will out with their booty
And to all give a happier lot,
Each at his forge must do his duty
And strike the iron while it’s hot!
— The Internationale

So flieg du flammende, du rote Fahne...

Les rois nous saoulaient de fumées
Paix entre nous, guerre aux tyrans
Appliquons la grève aux armées
Crosse en l’air, et rompons les rangs
S’ils s’obstinent, ces cannibales
A faire de nous des héros
Ils sauront bientôt que nos balles
Sont pour nos propres généraux.
— L’Internationale