Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


ThoughtAnarchaia wishes you a happy new year!

I am painting my mistakes
Underneath your soft embrace
They’re all marching to Pretoria but my dear
The Colts are on TV
And I guess we’ll have to see
How it goes, how it is
In the Christian New Year
— Dan Bern, Trudy

Rocket’s Red Glare
ThoughtPeople I appreciate that died this year and noone told me: Paul Watzlawick and Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker. RIP.

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We’ll tak a cup of kindness yet,
For auld lang syne!
— Auld Lang Syne

Vandenberg Rocket in the skies of Huntington Beach

I hereby wish you a happy new year, unless you don’t want one, in which case I wish you a crappy new year instead. — Mark Dominus


Keyboard, phone, mouse

Born to win. I know I’m born to win.
It’s a funny old world that I am in.
I’ll fight to change it like it ought to be.
Born to win. I know I’m born to win.
— Woody Guthrie, Born To Win


Tell me will that hangknot slip, no it will not,
Will that hangknot slip, no it will not.
Slip around your neck, but it won’t slip back again
Hangknot, hangknot, that hangknot.
— Hangknot, Slipknot



This morning I was born again, I was born again complete
I stood up above my troubles and I stand on my two feet
My hand it feels unlimited, my body feels like the sky
I feel at home in the universe where yonder planets fly
— Woody Guthrie, This Morning I Am Born Again

ThoughtIf you do need to change the URL of your blog, please set up a redirect, or at least post it to the old blog, so people can resubscribe. I just wasted an hour doing that to a few dozen blogs I lost track of the last half year.

3. If you spend a little time searching before you post, you can probably find your idea well articulated elsewhere already. — Jorn Barger, Top 10 Tips for New Bloggers

Reif... für ins Bett

Gonna boil myself a tea bag
Gonna boil myself a tea bag
And If you’ll moze above my way
I’ll boil you off a tea bag too
— Woody Guthrie, Tea Bag Blues

09:30 <chris2> morning has broken…
09:30 <chris2> …all the nightly builds.



I ain’t looking for no seven golden cities,
But I know there’s a fortune somewhere to find.
There’s a peace that I hear whisperin’ through the pinyons
And a love that’s taller than the ponderosa pines.
— Rich Mullins, Heaven Is Waiting

I gotta tell you all about it
I gotta scream and shout it
And I say yeah
— Devo, Uncontrollable Urge

anatomy of a doughnut



Don’t want you to touch me
Don’t try to help you’ll only make it worse
Don’t tell me it will be okay
Nothing’s gonna be okay anyway
It doesn’t matter im gonna turn my TV on
Cause everything looks beautiful on video
— The Expoxies, Everything Looks Beautiful on Video

Atheist Headstone

It’s aginst th’ law to eat, It’s aginst th’ law to drink
It’s aginst th’ law to worry, It’s aginst th’ law to think
It’s aginst th’ law to marry or to try to settle down
It’s aginst th’ law to ramble like a bum from town to town
— Woody Guthrie, Aginst Th’ Law



The castle started spinning
Or maybe it was my brain
I can’t tell you what she did to me
But my body will never be the same
— Prince, Darling Nikki

Come a little closer huh, ah will ya huh.
Close enough to look in my eyes, Sharona.
Keeping it a mystery gets to me
Running down the length of my thighs, Sharona
Never gonna stop, give it up. Such a dirty mind.
— The Knack, My Sharona

Merry Fucking Christmas


The knife

Nevertheless they could not understand
that I’m a black man, and I could never be a veteran.
On the strength of situations, I’m real.
I got a raw deal, so I’m lookin for the steel,
Looking for the steel.
— Tricky, Black Steel

o xmas light
18:24 <chris2> wisst ihr, wie man windows viel userfreundlicher machen könnte?
18:24 <chris2> undo-funktion im minesweeper!

I hate you, Edsger Dijkstra! — _why


A Beezy Xmas

I waited in the shadows all night
But when he came he gave me a fright
I wanted to reach out and hug him
But just stood there, my knees trembling
Santa came and took away my smile
Santa came on a nuclear missile.
— Heather Noel, Santa Came On A Nuclear Missile

First example of Seurat Painting Photo

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground. How we found the same old fears.
Wish you were here.
— Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here


Murr. by dwu0

In my heart I hear you sing again
Every note as natural as then
and when I sing those songs
for family and friends,
in my heart I hear you sing again
— Woody Guthrie, I Hear You Sing Again

ThoughtTwo small vi-tricks: C-^ will switch to the other file, map K i$<ESC>r will bind K to insert a single character.
inner clarity
16:47 <kaol> I should compile a kernel to keep warm
16:48 <arcatan> heh
17:17 <chris2> compile a ghc and it will last for a week

Oh, if you ain’t got the do re mi, folks, you ain’t got the do re mi,
Why, you better go back to beautiful Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee.
California is a garden of Eden, a paradise to live in or see;
But believe it or not, you won’t find it so hot
If you ain’t got the do re mi.
— Woody Guthrie, Do-Re-Mi


It’s Honeyky Hanukah, makes me feel glad,
This box for mother and this box for dad,
For sister and brother, nice ribbons I’ll tie,
It’s Honeyka Hanukah time.
— Woody Guthrie, Honeyka Hanukah

Thailand, Bangkok, Central Plaza, Christmas lights

That old dust storm’s killed my baby,
But it can’t kill me, Lord
And it can’t kill me.
— Woody Guthrie, Dust Can’t Kill Me




Hear the curfew blowing,
Hear the curfew blowing,
In the coal black midnight,
Hear the curfew blow.
— Woody Guthrie, When The Curfew Blow

A Plate of Washi Eggs

Tell me, could you ever tell the secret of the sea?
Of these high rolling waves along the shore?
The footprints of the lovers that come here to love,
By the tides washed away forever more
— Woody Guthrie, Secret Of The Sea



Yes, as through this world I’ve wandered
I’ve seen lots of funny men;
Some will rob you with a six-gun,
And some with a fountain pen.
— Woody Guthrie, Pretty Boy Floyd

21:16 <penpen> was ist haskell?
21:18 <penpen> also dem Logo nach ist's wohl ein Halflife-Mod
21:30 <chris2> LOL

And the people held their breath when they heard about his death
Everybody wondered why
It was the big landlord and the soldiers that they hired
To nail Jesus Christ in the sky
— Woody Guthrie, Jesus Christ

Edible Flowers


Ice Storm

Mr Highwayman
please don’t block the road
Puh hee hee
ple-hease don’t block the road
— Robert Johnson, Terraplane Blues

In a way I wish that Moore’s Law would grind to a halt and we could get back to doing computer science. Joe Gregorio

Ida Belle, don’t cry, this time
If you cry about a nickel, you’ll die for a dime
She wouldn’t cry, but the money won’t mine I love the way you do
— Robert Johnson, Last Fair Deal Gone Down




And I’m blinded by the neon
Don’t try and change my tune
‘Cause I thought I heard a saxophone
I’m drunk on the moon
— Tom Waits, Drunk On The Moon

I dreamed I was dying; as I so often do
And when I awoke I was sure it was true
I ran to the window; threw my head to the sky
And said whoever is up there, please don’t let me die
— Stars, Calendar Girl

' ======/I '


War Window

Saturday nights in neon lights, Sunday in the cell
Pills enough to make me feel ill, cash enough to make me well
Take me, take me to the riot
Take me…
— Stars, Take Me To The Riot

I’m deadly serious: we humans have never been able to replicate something more complicated than what we ourselves are, yet natural selection did it without even thinking. Linus Torvalds



Gingerbread Train

The night starts here, forget your name, forget your fear
You drop a coin into the sea, and shout out “Please come back to me”
You name your child after your fear, and tell them “I have brought you here”
— Stars, The Night Starts Here

IMO, the potential is there for Amazon to set principled web design back three to five years if SimpleDB gets traction under its current design. Ryan Tomayko

Circus Tree

Lift your head and look out the window
Stay that way for the rest of the day and watch the time go
Listen! The birds sing! Listen! The bells ring!
All the living are dead, and the dead are all living
The war is over and we are beginning…
— Stars, In Our Bedroom After The War



Shiny tooth talons
coiled for grabbing a stranger happening by
And the day went home early
and the sun sank down into the muck of a deep dead sky
— Tom Waits, Don’t Go Into That Barn


You can never hold back spring
Even though you’ve lost your way
The world keeps dreaming of spring
— Tom Waits, You Can Never Hold Back Spring


Alcohol was pouring through the victims
As on the rocks they laid their breath
Alcohol was fed to the mummies
As they all were happily led to death
— Meat Puppets, Eyeball

LOLshevik #1

Neukirchen’s Law of Debugging: The bug only appears again after you removed all debugging code.

So anyway, congratulations to Six Apart for finally joining the open community of freedom-loving pussy eaters. — Mark Pilgrim, 0 + 1307

1530 Main

Pills to the spills
drink to the shouts!
Still tryin to find out what its all about.
It’s just one more thing I’ve gotta find out.
— Presets, Are You The One?



That new day is just over the horizon, and by working together, we will awaken to that dawn. — Håkon Wium Lie, An open letter to the Web community

She’s a princess, in a red dress
She’s the moon in the mist to me
She’s my Coney Island Baby
She’s my Coney Island Girl
— Tom Waits, Coney Island Baby

it's christmas time in the city. 078

I can’t explain the process in my brain
All I say comes out the same
Like white noise
I’ve been the one
— God Lives Underwater, White Noise


15:58 <mitsuhiko> das einzige was micht an rest stört ist, dass es einen namen hat
15:58 <mitsuhiko> eigentlich sollte das http heißen

Someone’s masquerading in the galleries today
Beside the arch it is always following me
It seems
Confusion dance and echoes ringing loud
So clear
Vaging on these loops are filled with
Empty dreams
— Wire Train, Chamber Of Hellos

Now the fifth daughter on the twelfth night
Told the first father that things weren’t right
My complexion she said is much too white
He said come here and step into the light he says hmm you’re right
Let me tell the second mother this has been done
But the second mother was with the seventh son
And they were both out on Highway 61.
— Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited


Capa-Capa beery
force fed Queeny
as Spanky Para-Faucet
led Horsey to the water
— The Elastic Purejoy, Monkey Bone-Walker


Polly Anne lived an accident life,
She sang and danced with the wrong man.
And when she laughed,
She made everyone cry.
Polly Anne was an accident.
An accident.
— Agent Sparks, Polly Anne




Freefall on a windy morning shore,
Nothing but a fading track of footsteps,
Could prove that you’d ever been there.
Spoken on a cotton cloud like the sound of gunshot –
Taken by the wind, and lost in distant thunder.
— Duran Duran, Secret Oktober

15:28 <manveru> chris2: mongrel laueft auf rubinius

In your black eyes
I hoped that I would find
that you were hiding
hiding something
but in your black eyes
lit by the glow of a streetlight
you were hiding
you were hiding something
— Snowden, Black Eyes

Red berries


crash, ebb and flow

I still love you Judas
As I walk along this lonesome road
Like a somnambulist on a wire
— Firewater, I Still Love You Judas

Das Endziel aller bildnerischen Tätigkeit ist der Bau! — Walter Gropius

20:33 <benny> oh, nurnoch nen paar tage dann gibts wieder jokes
20:33 <benny> "what's your new years resolution?" - "1920x1200"
Fita de viés...há mais cores!

I’m going down among the saints
Raise our heavenly glasses to the heavens! Squalor Victoria! Squalor Victoria!
Raise our heavenly glasses to the heavens! Squalor Victoria! Squalor Victoria!
— The National, Squalor Victoria


2007-12-02 Cvetence 002

Ostrich and egret and peacock had very small dreams.
Picturing them just reminded them of calendar scenes.
Nobody’s laughing when everyone’s weeping, it seems.
— Rasputina, How We Quit The Forest

18:44 <oGMo> does anyone even do tdd anymore?
18:45 <chris2> i do atdd :-)
18:45 <chris2> (almost)
18:45 <oGMo> asynchronous? ;)
18:45 <chris2> hahaha
18:45 <chris2> oGMo++

A golden fish like a pint of wine Rolls the sea undergreen, Glassily balanced on the tide Only the skin between. — Laurie Lee, Fish And Water



I can’t hear a word they say
Close my eyes and fade away
See their faces moving, lost in concentration
Animation animation
Listen to the sound
— SSQ, Walkman On

17:44 <chris2> ich hab noch nie 12h am stück gecodet
17:44 <chris2> ich war immer davor fertig :-D
17:44 <entropie> ^^
Faith healing sign, Mr Toad's Wild Ride, Disneyland

When your Ricci flow stops at one geometry, one geometry, one geometry
If every loop contracts there’s no topology, no topology, no topology
So Poincare’s correct in dimension three, in dimension three, in dimension three
He’s just an unemployed don who’s living with his mom
But his name is Perelman and he’s got it going on!
— Stephen Sawin, One Geometry


I don’t really know much about Python. I only stole its object system for Perl 5. I have since repented. — Larry Wall, State Of The Onion #11


Watching T.V. at 4 am.
But that’s not when she needs a friend.
Staring at the bathroom floor.
Please don’t say you’ve got to go.
— Ladytron, amTV


Turn my black hair whatever I needed
whatever I needed
But I’d still be the same to you
My heart would remain for you
— Radio Iodine, For You


LOMO_Sunny Day

It’s no wonder
The world is confused
Murder and weather
Is our only news
I will refuse!
— Pailhead, I Will Refuse

Blue Mood...

Tap in the code
I’ll reach you below
No one should brave the underworld alone
Hello, hello, hello
How do I reach you?
— Poe, Hello



milky silky salty yummy ooey gooey chocolate bunny broil sizzle shake bake nuke deepfry chicken fried steak watermelon summer peach cherry licorice chocolate cheese yum yum
— The Spores, Yum Yum


Who are they
And where are they
And how can they possibly
know all this
— Jem, They


Great texture

Wasting time in the fast food line
I decide to walk the fine line
and celebrate life, celebrate death I choose
to celebrate the first
I celebrate the first
— Tegan And Sara, The First

ThoughtAfter doing OCaml all day, last night I had a triply recusive dream (i.e., I dreamt I dreamt I woke up and woke up, before I really woke up). The possibility of this kind strengthens my theory that life is just a long dream. But heck, I wonder what language I coded the day before I’ll finally wake up…

Have you been a slave to sin?
Have you seen what’s happening?
Will you ever see enough?
Wash away the history
Have you seen what’s happening?
Will it ever be enough?
— Lorelai Oksana, Yeah… Whatever


Simon’s sleeping on the floor
what’s she dreaming
Simon watches eyelids as projections flicker there
I don’t wanna wake her but her whispers sort of scare me
— Pretty Balanced, Simon’s Sleeping

1. Advent

zu behaupten, täglich stundenlang auf den bildschirm zu glotzen würde die menschen die das tun vereinsamen lassen, ist so ziemlich der grösste humbug den man sagen kann. vielleicht ruiniert man sich die augen dabei, aber nicht das sozialleben. Felix Schwenzel

19:40 <apeiros> wasn't split the thing with the most special casing?
19:40 <apeiros> I remember something about 26 special cases
19:42 <chris2> apeiros: almost :)
19:42 <chris2> $ awk '/^rb_str_split_m/, /^}/' ~/src/ruby-1.8.6/string.c | grep -c if
19:42 <chris2> 23
19:42 <apeiros> make that 24
19:43 <apeiros> with 23 special cases, the normal case becomes special too ;-)
19:43 <chris2> lol
19:43 <j`ey> XD
Apr.May Spring 2007 276

And the politicians lie,
and the movie stars cheat,
and the athletes get high,
while the rest of us sleep.
— Gram Rabbit, The Rest Of Us Sleep


Once in a while, once in a while
You got to burn your lips, keep your feelings alive
Once in a while, once in a while
You got to burn down your house, keep your dreaming alive
— The Kills, The Good Ones

World AIDS Day 1st December 2007
ThoughtOn Macs, Ctrl+Scrollwheel is very useful for presentations.

All you Catholics wearing condoms, you are going to hell
All us fatties eating bonbons, we are going to hell
Unbaptized babies learn to limbo, purgatory is hell
And your religion is a gamble and you are going to hell
— The Bastard Fairies, We’re All Going To Hell

World Aids Day