Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


red bridge

All this automatic writing I have tried to understand
From a psychedelic angel who was tugging on my hand
It’s an infinite coincidence but it doesn’t form a plan
So I’m headed for New England or the Paris of the South
Gonna find myself somewhere to level out
— Bright Eyes, If The Brakeman Turns My Way

11:45 <manfred-s> We had a wild DND game last night, which involved 6 bottles of wine and not so much DND.
ThoughtTo whom it may concern: To build Poly/ML 5.0 on OS X with GCC 3.3 20030304, compile libpolyml/power_dep.cpp only with -O1, or the build fails.

Most people are fools, most authority is malignant, God does not exist, and everything is wrong. — Ted Nelson


And I can change the world,
I will be the sunlight in your universe.
You would think my love was really something good,
Baby if I could change the world.
— Eric Clapton, Change The World

The Gods of the glade and the forge.

…weil sich – glaub ich – durch Twitter tatsächlich unsere Wahrnehmungskompetenz von atomisierten Informationseinheiten verschoben hat. Timing II


It’s late in the evening; she’s wondering what clothes to wear.
She puts on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair.
And then she asks me, “Do I look all right?”
And I say, “Yes, you look wonderful tonight.”
— Eric Clapton, Wonderful Tonight



Well, it’s sundown on the union
And what’s made in the U.S.A.
Sure was a good idea
‘Til greed got in the way.
— Bob Dylan, Union Sundown

21:19 <steer> do satanist coders actually paint 0x29a on the walls?

Eva’s such a lucky girl
She don t have a care in the world
She sets fire to the foot of her bed
Leaves the righteous shaking their head
— Dan Bern, Eva


16:38 <rretzbach> (-:-)
16:40 <rretzbach> Siamesische Zwillinge: Lachend.

Me, I romp and stomp,
Thankful as I romp,
Without freedom of speech,
I might be in the swamp.
— Bob Dylan, Motorpsycho Nightmare

16:19 <ellion> argh
16:19 <ellion> warum wird die zeit gen feierabend so unendlich viel langsamer D:
16:20 <ellion> in den letzten zwei stunden sind nur 10 minuten vergangen :(

Words have power
Words have meaning
Words become things
And words become actions
— Dan Bern, Hiroshima

Robber Fly - head

I hope you take Anarchaia out tonight and get it drunk. — Gavin McGovern on yesterday’s anniversary


Happy 2nd Birthday

For he’s a jolly good fellow,
For he’s a jolly good fellow,
For he’s a jolly good fellow,
Which nobody can deny.
— For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow

Teenage eyes were open wide
Don’t you think we know by now
How foul and plagued our future cries
From what you’ve handed down
— Dead Moon, 13 Going On 21

Happy Birthday, Beebees!!
ThoughtAnarchaia now has a search function using Ferret.
14:08 <CodeX16> what are meta questions ?

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. — Isaac Asimov



I drop things out of windows
I wrap things ‘round my head
And you would too
It’s what you’d have to do
You would–too
— Dan Bern, Comme Vous Le Faites Tous

13:39 <ellion> ich hab SuSE 6.2 (oder 6.4 oder so) benutzt
13:39 <ellion> dann wieder zu windows
13:39 <ellion> dann SuSE 7.1
13:39 <ellion> dann wieder zu windows
13:39 <ellion> dann SuSE 10
13:39 <ellion> dann ne andere distri
13:39 <manveru> :)
13:39 <ellion> und gemerkt, dass linux auch spaß machen kann
13:39 <AnalphaBestie> lool
13:39 <manveru> genau!
13:40 <manveru> preach it!
13:40 <ellion> SuSE ist ein unglaublicher scheiss

It’s a hard life and no one’s to blame
When God’s not on the morning train.
If Cain don’t kill Abel, Abel kills Cain
And tears now shed are shed in vain
For Kennedy, and Jesse James
And Joan of Arc and Kurt Cobain.
— Dan Bern, Kurt Cobain


Poinsettia Bracts...

Turning over upside down
Blowin round and round and round
Turning over wrong side up
Can barely fill my coffee cup
— Dan Bern, Turning Over

17:38 <penpen> Naja, die Serie ist von 1997.
17:38 <penpen> Da hypte Java noch IIRC.
17:38 <moemoe> mittlerweile hypt es ja nicht mehr, sondern jeder zweite doedel haelt es fuer fundiert und notwendig :D

Roger and out good buddy
I feel you in the air today
I know you gave for your country
I feel you in the air today
— Neil Young, Roger And Out



Thoughts like a thread through a foam device
Liquid bread and rubber ice
Make a promise, grow teeth, go to bed
Wake up when you’re dead
— Meat Puppets, Station
16:14 <FastJack> *lol* rule of inverse hotness. "the hotter you think a lady is, the less hot you will seem to her"
lavendar skies

And wanting something warm and moving
Bends towards herself the soothing
Proves that she must still exist
She moves herself about her fist
Sweet communist
— Neutral Milk Hotel, Communist Daughter


Greetings from the State of Texas

There’s a crack in the smoky air
And the sound from the outside stair
Electricity fills my mind
Lost in time, that’s all I seem to need
Blind me, blind me
Blind me
— Eyes Adrift, Blind Me

Murfreesboro Graff
12:34 <chris2> i like RAILS, cause i enjoy working with MODELS all day!

I’ll never be your beast of burden
My back is broad but it’s a hurtin
All I want is for you to make love to me
— The Rolling Stones, Beast Of Burden


too much water

Pipes and bathtubs, sprinklers and fountains!
Freshwater used as a dump for oil and nuclear waste!
Desert people turns humble he said
They know what they have
But do they know what they lose when we flush?
— Pain Of Salvation, Water

21:56 <chris2> jedes mal wenn ich chuck moore lese, bin ich beeindruckt :-)
21:56 <chris2> der ist wohl der bob dylan der programmiersprachen :-)
Snowy red

I now issue the call, are you ready to fight
Fight all together as one for the right to be free once again
Tonight we will win
— Manowar, Call To Arms


trembling in the wind
15:19 <shevy> emacs is more than an OS
15:19 <shevy> its a whole girlfriend 2.0

I am agnostic but I hang on a cross
Faithless saintless my sin stabs
I wear the crown of oblivion
Rule and aching void watch my sun burn out
— The Distillers, Sing Sing Death House

#02 in cycles

My eyes start to flicker flicker
My mouth starts to drip
My heart starts to tinker tinker
What can I do when I’m bound like this with you
— The Distillers, I Understand

14:54 <AnalphaBestie> noch grösser als penpens liebe ist sein mitteilungsbedürfnis



Now, I want you to know that while we watched,
You discover there was no one true.
Most ev’rybody really thought
It was a childish thing to do.
— Bob Dylan, Tears Of Rage

Sunset Flowers

I know what you words can mean
Call me call me any anytime
Call me for a ride
Call me call me for some overtime
Call me in my life
— Blondie, Call Me


Lost nuts

[Knuth’s WEB] idea is retrieving programs from document. Mine is making programs to tell what they do, by choosing proper programming languages. — Yukihiro Matsumoto, ruby-talk:243781

It’ so amazing
When you’re feeling strong
It’s so amazing, yeah
It’s so amazing
Don’t you get me wrong
It’s so amazing, yeah
— Juliette & The Licks, So Amazing

Merry-go-round Planet

And I know you got the feeling,
You know, I feel it crawl across the floor
And I know it got you reelin’
And honey honey the call is for war
And it’s wild wild wild wild.
— Patti Smith, Ask The Angels



It’s a long road out of here
Don’t leave the light on
I ain’t coming home
You gotta be strong
— Juliette & The Licks, Long Road Out of Here

Unhappy Kid
17:52 <penpen> lo
17:56 <benny> eth0
17:56 <shevy> eth1
17:59 <penpen> lo wie in "hallo", nicht wie in "loopback" :-)

I still feel the beat
By the heat
Of your light
— Juliette & The Licks, By the Heat of Your Light

ThoughtNeukirchen’s first law of Web 2.0: No matter how stupid the idea, someone will implement it before you if you wait long enough.



We don’t need no side effect-ing
We don’t need no scope control
No global variables for execution
Hey! You! Leave those args alone!
— Another Glitch in the Call

20:14 <penpen> FOO – Numfoor, Indonesien
20:15 <penpen> BAR – Baker Island, Bakerinsel
20:15 <penpen> BAZ – Barcelos, AM, Brasilien
20:15 <penpen> BLA – Barcelona (Jose A. Anzoategui), Venezuela
canada tour small 16-3-07-7024

There are roadblocks everywhere and only suffering on TV
Neither side will ever give up their smallest right along the road to peace
— Tom Waits, Road To Peace


Music in the Mundane

One day
It will happen
One day, one day
It will all make sense
— Björk, One Day

Easter Eggs

I remember how we used to sing
Writing poems in your bed sit
Finding time to be the passenger
But there you are you never saw me leave
— The Kooks, See the World


"Beware the ides of March"
20:28 <benny> schade das feynman nicht blogt :-P

Pointed threats, they bluff with scorn
Suicide remarks are torn
From the fool’s gold mouthpiece
The hollow horn plays wasted words
Proves to warn
That he not busy being born
Is busy dying.
— Bob Dylan, It’s Alright Ma

18:12 <penpen> Die letzte Folge von "Der schwarze Kanal" wurde in der ARD ausgestrahlt.
18:12 <penpen> Ich habe mich halb schlappgelacht.

Anyway, as might be usual if more people celebrated Pi day, I give you pi * thanks = thanks thanks thanks tha — Adrian Cachinero

Ducky Under Pressure

Oh when I’m feeling lonesome and I’m feelin’ blue
there’s only one way to change
Now I walk down the street now lookin’ for a man
one that knows my Mary Jane
Mary Jane, Mary Jane it’s my Mary Jane
— Janis Joplin, Mary Jane



How many years can a mountain exist
Before it’s washed to the sea?
Yes, ‘n’ how many years can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free?
— Bob Dylan, Blowin’ In The Wind

18:54 <chris2> :-)
18:57 <chris2> noch für den penpen,
18:57 <AnalphaBestie> chris2: der erste war scheisse. alzheimer ist nicht lusig
18:57 <chris2> AnalphaBestie: was war der erste?
18:57 <chris2> *scnr*
18:58 <AnalphaBestie> boah du arsch, ich habe das tab gerade nochmal aufgemacht ^^
18:59 <chris2> rotfl
Pi Pie

And them distant ships of liberty on them iron waves so bold and free,
Bringing everything that’s near to me nearer to the fire.
— Bob Dylan, Caribbean Wind


Time for Rebirthing

Bite the hand that feeds
Tap the vein that bleeds
Down on my bended knees
I break the back of love for you
I break the back of love for you
— Placebo, Post Blue

Unit testing FizzBuzz is like drawing up blueprints when you need to make a sandwich. Giles Bowkett


Oh, sister, when I come to knock on your door,
Don’t turn away, you’ll create sorrow.
Time is an ocean but it ends at the shore
You may not see me tomorrow.
— Bob Dylan, Oh, Sister


ThoughtThe magic of OpenID (it took me weeks to finally figure that out): to log you in, the browser redirects you to your provider, which recieves the session cookie, and then redirects back to the logged-in page, if you are logged in already.
Lights in the night

Then they’ll raise their hands,
Sayin’ we’ll meet all your demands,
But we’ll shout from the bow your days are numbered.
And like Pharaoh’s tribe,
They’ll be drownded in the tide,
And like Goliath, they’ll be conquered.
— Bob Dylan, When The Ship Comes In

18:48 <AnalphaBestie> irgendwie nen zitat in der art: lisp ist nicht für produktive, aber für clevere programmierer

Couple times a day–I want it so bad I can taste it
Couple times a day–Just as soon burn it up and waste it
Rest of the time, I’m just kinda
Drifting along
— Dan Bern, Drifting Along



I need a chorus, a theme
Something to make all this tie together and make sense
But for now I got no chorus and no theme
I keep running off to someplace that I’ve never been
To do something quite unimportant, to stay out of sight
So people other places might think I’m somewhere
Doing something quite important
— Dan Bern, Anger

Sound of silver talk to me
makes you want to feel like a teenager
until you remember the feelings of
a real life emotion of teenager
then you think again
— LCD Soundsystem, Sound Of Silver




Oho-ho-ho, we got nowhere to go
And it may sound funny, but it’s true
Hangin’ out in 100 B
Watching Get Smart on TV
Thinkin’ about
You and me and you and me
— Ramones, Danny Says

Hip to Be Square (Project 365 Day 31)

Then you comb your hair
Shave your face
Tryin’ to wipe out ev’ry trace
All the other days
In the week you know that this’ll be the saturday
You’re reachin’ your peak
— Tom Waits, The Heart Of Saturday Night



Now the big bang was like a baby getting born
And the parents who gave it birth just kind of went away
And the baby just keeps getting bigger and bigger
And the parents just never came back
— Dan Bern, I Believe

Dual Triangles 30-Unit Concave Standard Assembly

Well maybe God himself is lost and needs help
Maybe God himself he needs all of our help
And he’s lost upon the road to peace
And he’s lost upon the road to peace
Out upon the road to peace.
— Tom Waits, Road To Peace



Agarrame, mi vida
Soon the desert will be gone
Soon you will be dancing the fandango.
— Bob Dylan, Romance In Durango

17:44 * ehird is exceptionally braindead today
17:44 <apeiros> go to your gf, eat something good or take a nap ;-)
17:46 <Olathe> As is caffeine.
17:46 <mgoss> and chocolate
17:47 <apeiros> you need a huge chocolate to replace the gf ;-ü

Everybody said don’t run off like that
Leave something behind for the birds
I said man, whatever, I ain’t nailed down
The wind is bound to take it anyway
— Dan Bern, Learning To Drive



One more cup of coffee for the road,
One more cup of coffee ‘fore I go
To the valley below.
— Bob Dylan, One More Cup Of Coffee

03 : 06

The things my friend did later on
Were not exactly pretty
He trashed my great grandparent’s house,
Then he trashed New York City
— Dan Bern, The Beagle Song


Eclipse de luna total - marzo 2007

Across to Mississippi, across to Tennessee
Across the Niagara, home I’ll never be
Home in ol’ Medora, home in Ol’ Truckee
Apalachicola, home I’ll never be
— Jack Kerouac, Home I’ll Never Be

21:10 <oGMo> redhat or google should buy out ms research and put them on something useful

Oh what fun
At the same time that I find a time machine
I also discover sexual liberation
— Dan Bern, Bonnie and Clyde



I seen a python swallowing a Dobermann whole
Piranhas swimming in a mixing bowl
Buzz Fledderjohn
— Tom Waits, Buzz Fledderjohn


I’ll dare you to dine with the cross-legged knight
Dare me to jump and I will
I’ll fall from your grace
But I’ll never let go of your hand
I’ll never let go of your hand
— Tom Waits, Never Let Go



Neodarwinist theory is said
To explain shapely legs on coeds.
Over many a year
Nicer legs bring more cheer
So they tend to become more widespread.

19:00 <penpen> Extreme Buzzwording ist hip.
15:51 <rretzbach> Danke. Was gefällt dir an Ruby Syntax nicht so?
15:52 <chris2> rretzbach: 6311 /Users/chris/src/ruby-1.8.5/parse.y

You can put all of my possessions here in Jesus’ name
And nail a sign on the door
Bright and early Sunday morning with my walking cane
I’m going up to see my Lord
— Tom Waits, Take Care of All My Children



Got a head full of lightning
A hat full of rain
And I know that I said
I’d never do it again
And I love you pretty baby but I always take the long way home
— Tom Waits, Long Way Home

18:58 <teferi> if a language doesn't change how you think, it's not wroth learning
18:59 <LoganCapaldo> Thank you Alan Perlis
19:02 <chris2> most languages made me think bad of them :-P
22:44 <DerDracle> Oh wow.. DRailed— people are working on a RoR for D :p
22:44 <DerDracle> Hahah.
This parking meter is NOT A BOMB

I said I’d come back for you
Keep my jacket to keep you warm
That’s all that I can do
And if I have to go will you
Remember me or will you find
Someone else while I’m away?
— Tom Waits, If I Have To Go

20:35 <chris2> i dont care about ides
20:40 <evn> beware the ides of ruby



Outside in the cold distance
A wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl
— Bob Dylan, All Along The Watchtower


What keeps mankind alive?
The fact that millions are daily tortured
Stifled, punished, silenced and oppressed
Mankind can keep alive thanks to its brilliance
In keeping its humanity repressed
And for once you must try not to shriek the facts
Mankind is kept alive by bestial acts
— Brecht/Weil, What Keeps Mankind Alive?



Do you ever think about the past
Do you ever check in with yourself
Walking around wondering who I am
The answer comes in big blobs of red
Dripping to the floor
— Dan Bern, Drips

And soon enough time will tell,
About the circus in the wishing well
And someone who will buy and sell for me
Someone to toll my bell
— Jimi Hendrix, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp

Lomoman Returns
16:34 <rretzbach> Aber vielleicht hast du ja ne Krankheit.
16:34 <rretzbach> Chronisches Megaschneuzen.
16:35 * penpen ist der Schneuzer von Jericho
16:36 <penpen> Und wenn ich niese darf ich erst mal den Bildschirm reinigen und die weggeflogenen DVD-Hüllen wieer einsammeln.
16:36 <chrissturm> wenn ich niesse wird eine sondersendung ausgestrahlt
16:38 <penpen> Man stelle sich einen Klingonen vor, der niest. So in etwa diese Ausmaße hat es.