Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


16:38 <rretzbach> (-:-)
16:40 <rretzbach> Siamesische Zwillinge: Lachend.

Me, I romp and stomp,
Thankful as I romp,
Without freedom of speech,
I might be in the swamp.
— Bob Dylan, Motorpsycho Nightmare

16:19 <ellion> argh
16:19 <ellion> warum wird die zeit gen feierabend so unendlich viel langsamer D:
16:20 <ellion> in den letzten zwei stunden sind nur 10 minuten vergangen :(

Words have power
Words have meaning
Words become things
And words become actions
— Dan Bern, Hiroshima

Robber Fly - head

I hope you take Anarchaia out tonight and get it drunk. — Gavin McGovern on yesterday’s anniversary