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ThoughtAnarchaia wishes you a happy new year!

Von guten Mächten treu und still umgeben,
behütet und getröstet wunderbar,
so will ich diese Tage mit euch leben
und mit euch gehen in ein neues Jahr;

noch will das alte unsre Herzen quälen,
noch drückt uns böser Tage schwere Last.
Ach Herr, gib unsern aufgeschreckten Seelen
das Heil, für das Du uns geschaffen hast.
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Von guten Mächten treu und still umgeben

Böller by no

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We’ll tak a cup of kindness yet,
For auld lang syne!
— Auld Lang Syne

14:48 <chris2> btw, gibt es ein JPHP?
14:50 <shevegen> ist das java php?
14:50 <shevegen> klingt nach shit united



Ach komm
Oh komm
Komm mit
Ins Wasser
Weil du
Und Sex
Und Wasser
Das schönste was es gibt
Wenn du mich im Wasser liebst
Das schönste was es gibt
Wenn du mich im Wasser liebst
— DAF, Sex unter Wasser

Freifunk accesspoint

With love we sleep
with doubt the vicious circle
turn and burns
without you I cannot live
forgive, the yearning burning
— Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen, Because The Night



One last thing before I shuffle off the planet
I will be the one to make you crawl
so I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday
someone call the ambulance there’s gonna be an accident
— Placebo, Infra-Red

ThoughtYtilibitapmoc Sdrawkcab.

The grass is high, it could use a trim
But it s so hot and dry
It might just turn brown and burn
— Dan Bern, Grownups


Use more bandwidth

Well, six white horses that you did promise
Were fin’lly delivered down to the penitentiary
But to live outside the law, you must be honest
I know you always say that you agree
But where are you tonight, sweet Marie?
— Bob Dylan, Absolutely Sweet Marie

Learning GNU Emacs for DS

But in the space of everything is time
And there may be too much empty space to hold
And maybe we will dwindle on forever
There may be too much black for it to catch
— Dan Bern, Trust

12:27 <eule> anarchia is my new start page and I am not ashamed of it
12:27 <eule> ;)



Set honor in one eye and death i’ the other
And I will look on both indifferently;
For let the gods so speed me as I love
The name of honor more than I fear death
— William Shakespeare, The Tragedie of Julius Caesar

20:09 <ToXedVirus> amerika ist wunderbar
20:09 <rretzbach> Ja.
20:09 <rretzbach> Besonders der Kapitalismus ist toll.
20:09 <rretzbach> Danke sehr dafür.
20:10 <rretzbach> Ich wüsste gar nicht warum ich arbeiten geh, wenn es nicht so tolle Sachen wie die Wii gäbe.
ThoughtEs gibt wieder Fastenbrezeln!
Wayne Lyman Morse United States Courthouse, Eugene, Oregon

But then we’d have to rush back
To the town’s best baker
To get the first bread of the morning
There’s more to life than this
— Björk, There’s More To Life Than This


On the palm of your hand, from the tip of your tongue
To the curve of your back I want to
Press my lips on your skin, that’s what I wanna do
Keep dreaming about places to kiss you
— Boris, Places To Kiss You

Pod Exiting Discovery
20:26 <klapmuet1> schau doch, nummer im name = troll…
20:26 <klapmuet1> aeh… chris2. *hust*
20:26 <chris2> ja?
20:26 <chris2> duh!
20:26 <klapmuet1> :-D

Black rose, be my light in the darkest of days
Be my heart in the darkest of nights
Be my heart
— Converge, Grim Heart/Black Rose



Ready for Company

You know that I’ll be waiting
To hear your footsteps saying
That you’ll be coming home for Christmas
— Kate Bush, Home For Christmas

And I stopped taking dope
and I quit drinking whiskey
and my old man plays the trombone
and works out at the track.
— Tom Waits, Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis

Golden bowl

Most people would rather die than think; in fact, they do so. — Bertrand Russell


Frohe Weihnachten

Stille Nacht! Heil’ge Nacht!
Alles schläft; einsam wacht
Nur das traute hoch heilige Paar.
Holder Knab’ im lockigen Haar,
Schlafe in himmlischer Ruh!
Schlafe in himmlischer Ruh!
— Joseph Mohr, Stille Nacht


So here it is merry Christmas
Everybody’s having fun
Look to the future now
It’s only just begun
— Slade, Merry Xmas Everybody



Mutter kriegt Toilettenseife,
die sie zum Toilettenwaschen braucht.
Vater kriegt eine neue Pfeife,
weil er schon seit Jahren nicht mehr raucht.
Ja Weihnachten ist eine schöne Zeit.
— Georg Kreisler, Weihnachten ist eine schöne Zeit


Hey, ein neues frohes Fest.
Keine Angst, es wird vorübergehen.
Hey, ein neues frohes Fest.
Nur Mut, wir werden es durchstehn.
— Die Roten Rosen, Frohes Fest


Lägereld på stranden

(Here’s to you) raise a glass for everyone
(Here’s to them) underneath that burning sun
Do they know it’s Christmastime at all?
— Band Aid, Do They Know Its Christmas Time?

The only thing I knew how to do
Was to keep on keepin’ on like a bird that flew,
Tangled up in blue.
— Bob Dylan, Tangled Up In Blue

Looking Through the Glass...


eqgyptian papyrus1

Don’t know what you’re doing, don’t really care
School’s just a miss-hit going nowhere
You’re running for your life while the scandals
are burning the stairs
There’s a fire in the western world
— Dead Moon, Fire In The Western World

ThoughtThe skimming-coefficient: (minutes you needed to catch up * number of posts you recieved while you caught up squared) / number of unread posts in a list. I just had 40 for ruby-talk!
22:12 <shevegen> hey ich hab mal ne perverse frage
22:12 <shevegen> ich brauch ne coole frauenstimme
22:13 <shevegen> und zwar fuer so triviales wie "compile finished" etc…
22:14 <rretzbach> Das ist das nerdigste und ekelhafteste seit Wochen.
22:14 <rretzbach> Congratz shevegen.

An ashen fingerprint melts into the sea
And we’re doing fine now yeah we do
We don’t feel sad or bad or blue and you know
We ain’t never defeated
— Beth Orton, Daybreaker


GyrAtE ar0unD ...d!z New yEar...

You go, you saw the wave
And you go, you’re stuck in the land
You go, too many are yours
You go, you saw the wave
— Mates of State, Lower

17:51 <chris2> ich hatte mal einen albtraum
17:51 <chris2> da wurde unsere schule auf SOA umgestellt
17:52 <rretzbach> rofl?
17:52 <chris2> kein witz.
Nikon D80 Practice

Galileo told us, this world is not the center of the universe
The sun don’t go around us
We go around the sun
And the sun is actually really very small
— Dan Bern, Comme Vous Le Faites Tous


DSCN0133 copy

A system is composed of components; a component is something you understand. — Howard Aiken

Then I’ll stop my dreaming
I don’t do too much scheming these days
These days
These days I sit on corner stores
And count the time in quarter tones to ten
Please don’t confront me with my failures
‘Cause I have not forgotten them
— Jackson Browne, These Days

Baby put your best dress on
You know the one I mean
The one you wore on the beach
The day the sky turned green
— Dan Bern, Dress

19:27 <intinig> ok I promise I'll learn java sometimes
19:27 <intinig> but then last time I tried to learn java I bought the pickaxe
19:27 <intinig> and my life hasn't been the same ever since



Trippin’ down that old Hippie Highway
Got to thinkin’ ‘bout you again
Wonderin’ how it really was for you
And how it happened in the end
But I guess I’ll never know the truth
If you were really all alone
— Neil Young, Roger And Out


Lots of love just keep it comin’
Making something out of nothin’
These are the best that I
I don’t know how to say
— Red Hot Chili Peppers, Death Of A Martian


Third Advent

But you, you’re not allowed
You’re uninvited
An unfortunate slight
— Alanis Morissette, Uninvited

Heaven knows if there’s a ceiling
Come so low with the kneeling
Please know that I got all the friends I’m needing
Before my light go out
As the doors are closing now
— Pearl Jam, Parachutes

Whats Left


Bag O’ Glass

It’s a long way down
On this roller coaster
The last chance streetcar
Went off the track
And you’re on it
— Alanis Morissette, Mary Jane

Does it take much of a man to see his whole life go down,
To look up on the world from a hole in the ground,
To wait for your future like a horse that’s gone lame,
To lie in the gutter and die with no name?
— Bob Dylan, Only a Hobo



19:25 <rretzbach> ey
19:25 <rretzbach> wie grenzenlos asozial kann man sein?
19:25 <rretzbach> es war eine ungerade anzahl an wurstscheiben in der packung
19:26 <rretzbach> Das kommt meiner fiesen Idee nahe nur primzahl Mengen zu verkaufen.
19:26 <rretzbach> Damit die Familie immer gefickt sind.

Seasons changing round here
You can smell it in the air
Remember that I’m coming
Coming back for you
When you get restless around here
— Dan Bern, Restless

16:00 <rretzbach> Hmm. Ein cooles opengl projekt wäre doch mal partedGL, oder? :>

Five seconds is a very very very long time
Much longer than you think
‘Specially if people want to kill you
Like if you re a chinchilla or a mink
I will promise publicly to undress
If you will ask these questions of the waitress
— Dan Bern, Questions For The Waitress


orange splash
16:46 <Xach> wow! i got anarchaia'd!
16:46 <Fade> whatsit?
16:47 <jsnell> chris2's tumbleblog. I think xach is fishing for a quotebox
colours of the sky

Thank you India
Thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you frailty
Thank you consequence
Thank you thank you silence
— Alanis Morissette, Thank U



If I could tear you from the ceiling
I’d freeze us both in time
And find a brand new way of seeing
Your eyes forever glued to mine.
— Placebo, Blind

17:49 <Vruba> Now I have to think of something witty so I can be in an Anarchaia IRC quote.
17:49 * Vruba finds his Big Book of Oscar Wilde and tries to find quotes about Lisp.

Out of the womb and into the void
I wanna try but I get annoyed
Can’t you see these skies are breaking?
cause I’m out of the womb and into the void
— Placebo, One Of A Kind


discover the stars

It’s in the water baby, it’s in the pills that bring you down
It’s in the water baby, it’s in your bag of golden brown
It’s in the water baby, it’s in your frequency
It’s in the water baby, it’s between you and me
— Placebo, Post Blue


I wish that I could light the path
That leads to a life of no mistakes
Hold you from the damned be done
That living out of safety seems to take
— Dead Moon, It’s O.K.



I gazed down in the river’s mirror
And watched its winding strum.
The water smooth ran like a hymn
And like a harp did hum.
— Bob Dylan, Lay Down Your Weary Tune

21:12 <kig> suppose that there is a god. is it part of the universe? is it outside the universe? is the union of god and the universe bigger than god?
21:13 <chris2> kig: god is the fractal outline of the universe
21:14 <chris2> and he created the universe by blowing himself up
When the rain is coming...

There’s a point of no return
Where we never seem to learn
We can’t have all we wanted
Oh, you can see it in our eyes
— Dead Moon, My Escape


Second Advent

Have you ever seen the light?
Don’t you wonder where I hide
I will live, then I will die
I will keep you on my mind
— The Subways, Oh Yeah

18:28 <ReinH> Ah, I can always count on #ruby-lang to not be on topic, no matter when I drop by
18:28 <ReinH> It's quite refreshing

We were caught by the light
Held on to the day till it became ours
The minutes went by, the cab is outside
There’s no time to take
— Feist, One Evening



saturday 082

Can you explain to me now
if you’re stable, whilst
I think you know the truth
there’s a hole in the earth, I’m out
— Deftones, Hole In The Earth

18:22 <shevegen> raben
18:22 <shevegen> die sollen in japan überhand nehmen
18:23 <chris2> sicher nicht
18:23 <chris2> wenn überhaupt, "überflügel"

Wir wollen auf Erden glücklich sein,
Und wollen nicht mehr darben;
Verschlemmen soll nicht der faule Bauch,
Was fleißige Hände erwarben.
— Heinrich Heine, Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen

Project 1( my weekend )


Finding Sydney

If tonight was a painting
I guess it d be Picasso
‘Specially that period
When all he used was blue
— Dan Bern, Play The Blues

ThoughtEverything I write twice is wrong. Everything I write twice is wrong.
Veronica 018

For most people, the definition of smart is “Thinks exactly like me but even more so.” — Scott Adams, Acting Smarter Than You Are


Winner of the "Not My Job" Award

In the city of models
Strip shows and one night stands
City of models
City of perfect tans
— Dan Bern, City Of Models

Super takumar 50mm 1.4

You could argue that everything would be exactly the same
I can t prove I m right and neither can you
But if one kind heart leads to another kind heart
What do you think one greedy heart can do?
— Dan Bern, If The Dodger’s Had Stayed In Brooklyn


ThoughtTry coffee with nutmeg.
AK47: one from the heart

Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down…
— Nancy Sinatra, Bang Bang

22:16 <chris2> i looked at boost lambda earlier today
22:16 <chris2> it's almost less uglier than ocaml! :P

Now he’s hell-bent for destruction, he’s afraid and confused,
And his brain has been mismanaged with great skill.
All he believes are his eyes
And his eyes, they just tell him lies.
— Bob Dylan, License To Kill

How Not to Make Popcorn 3
20:42 <eTM> chris2: das schöne an amerika ist ja, dass es so groß ist dass es platz für alles gibt
20:42 <eTM> sehr interessante un coole menschen sowie totale vollidioten
21:20 <chris2> eTM: ja
21:20 <chris2> eTM: sie haben aber nur einen präsidenten
21:20 <eTM> chris2: :-)



Now it can be told, now it can be spoken
Buildings will fall, records will be broken
You can’t hide the alien sitting in your head
No more secrets, it’s all bein’ said
— Dan Bern, Now It Can Be Told

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea. — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

New Prague tower (05/12/06)



He looked like a stranger yeah
With the knife he gripped tight in his hand
So I pulled out a 45
And shoved it straight up his fucking arse
— William Elliot Whitmore, Listed

I’ve seen you more now
More than you’ve ever looked at me before
Don’t care about me now
I’m on the ceiling
Don’t pull me back down to the floor
— William Elliot Whitmore, On The Ceiling




I laughed and shook his hand, and made my way back home
I searched for form and land, for years and years I roamed
I gazed a gazely stare at all the millions here
We must have died along, a long long time ago
— David Bowie, The Man Who Sold The World

ThoughtTo transport a heavy thing on small wheels (e.g. a piano), place the wheels on boards, roll it on them, and then slide the boards over the floor (step-by-step if required). That way, the weight will get distributed over a bigger area and you won’t ruin the floor.
13:35 <rretzbach> Du bist wie meine Tante :>
13:35 <rretzbach> Die labert auch Müll, wenn sie nicht weiter weiß.

That’s why you’re drinkin in this bar
well only suckers fall in love
with perfect strangers
— Tom Waits, I Never Talk To Strangers



Heart of mine so malicious and so full of guile,
Give you an inch and you’ll take a mile.
Don’t let yourself fall Don’t let yourself stumble.
If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime
Heart of mine.
— Bob Dylan, Heart Of Mine

Well I know what’s right, I got just on life
In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around
But I’ll stand my ground and I won’t back down
— Tom Petty I Won’t Back Down

maple leaves


World Aids Day

The people will survive
In their environment
The dirt, scarcity, and emptiness
Of our South
— The Minutemen, Corona

atención, atención...

I live sweat but I dream light years,
I am the tide—the rise and the fall
the reality soldier, the laugh child,
the one of the many, the flame child
— The Minutemen, The Glory of Man