Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


eqgyptian papyrus1

Don’t know what you’re doing, don’t really care
School’s just a miss-hit going nowhere
You’re running for your life while the scandals
are burning the stairs
There’s a fire in the western world
— Dead Moon, Fire In The Western World

ThoughtThe skimming-coefficient: (minutes you needed to catch up * number of posts you recieved while you caught up squared) / number of unread posts in a list. I just had 40 for ruby-talk!
22:12 <shevegen> hey ich hab mal ne perverse frage
22:12 <shevegen> ich brauch ne coole frauenstimme
22:13 <shevegen> und zwar fuer so triviales wie "compile finished" etc…
22:14 <rretzbach> Das ist das nerdigste und ekelhafteste seit Wochen.
22:14 <rretzbach> Congratz shevegen.

An ashen fingerprint melts into the sea
And we’re doing fine now yeah we do
We don’t feel sad or bad or blue and you know
We ain’t never defeated
— Beth Orton, Daybreaker