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He’s got a catalogue of crimes
From corporate grimes
And six billion shares in oblivion
Your dividend is a life of hell
With a rotten rope and a broken bell
— Pig, ¡Toxico!


Und in dieser Nacht wird ein Getös sein am Hafen
und man fragt: “Was ist das für ein Getös?”
Und man wird mich stehen sehen hinter’m Fenster
und man fragt: “Was lächelt sie so bös?”
Und das Schiff mit acht Segeln und mit fünfzig Kanonen wird beschiessen die Stadt.
— Bertolt Brecht, Seeräuber-Jenny

Puente de Calatrava
00:14 <chris2> ANNOUNCING chris2-lang, which doesnt have closures but unicode support! people will love it!
00:15 <zenspider> chris2: haha


Und nun, meine Herren, vorwärts mit Gott! — Paul von Hindenburg, heute vor 75 Jahren

19:48 <Athas> Considering HTML tables and ASCII, perhaps Arc is the hundred-year language in the opposite direction? That means he's already 13 or so years there.

You have nothing better to do with your life now
Your life now. Hey!
You have nothing better to say for yourself, yourself, yourself
You have nothing better to say for yourself, yourself, yourself
— Agent Sparks, Make Up Friend


When the Second World War
Came to an end
We forgave the Germans
And we were friends
Though they murdered six million
In the ovens they fried
The Germans now too
Have God on their side.
— Bob Dylan, With God On Our Side


Window on the world

Milk and blood, blood and milk
Family of four, family no more.
Drunken milkmen driving drunk.
— Scatterbrain, Drunken Milkman

I’m a fool for a lonesome train
I’m a fool for a lonesome train
I’d try to say goodbye but I never got your name
I’m a fool for a lonesome train
— Ben Harper, Fool For A Lonesome Train



Foolishness protected us from the world outside
They could never come between us but we knew they’d try
We remembered living as if there were a way to forever be younger than today
— Ben Harper, Younger Than Today

IMG 397
20:42 <duschendestroyer> chris2: im herzen bist du ein perl hacker
20:43 <chris2> ich weiss
20:43 <chris2> (was für ein kompliment)

You can’t just say ‘I love you’
You have to live ‘I love you’
I will forgive every time but the last
— Ben Harper, Heart Of Matters



Wanna see the infernal city
Wanna see the ruined city
Wanna see the poisoned city
Wanna see the big bad city
Wanna see the lost city
Wanna see the dead city
Wanna see the ghost city
Wanna see the forbidden city
— Shriekback, The Bastard Sons Of Enoch

17:43 <manveru> ach, was waer die welt ohne /usr/bin/yes
Understanding art for geeks #6

Can you tell me tell me
Where’s the safe house?
Tell me, tell me where to hide out
Tell me, tell me where’s the safe house
Tell me, tell me
— Alina Simone, Riot Act


African Daisy 120

She saw the children drink the cankered water
She saw the chickens fly up on the roof
She saw the waters overflow the sewers
And flood their gardens of victory.
— Woody Guthrie, The Dying Doctor

ThoughtFor a quick dump of a full system to a remote machine, use tar cpSv --one-file-system / |nc host port and nc -l port >archive on the remote site.
The Next Day

So long, it’s been good to know yuh,
So long, it’s been good to know yuh,
So long, it’s been good to know yuh,
This dusty ol’ dust is a-gettin’ my home,
An’ I’ve got to be driftin’ along.
— Woody Guthrie, Dusty Old Dust


Fire and Light

I’m missing you in purple and without your shirt
I’m missing you, I like it and because it hurts
— Dan Bern, Missing You

pacman cupcakes

I’m gonna get restless pretty soon
I’m gonna get restless pretty soon
My hat is pointed west
And my boots are pointed south
And I’m gonna get restless pretty soon
— Dan Bern, Restless


You hide an ocean in your hand
So let me pretend
To find my home again
— You Will Get Well Soon, Lost In The Mountains

by Rheiana

Eternity is a very long time, especially towards the end. — Stephen Hawking

24 janvier 08

There’s no time to waste
The first gets the land
Where we need to build our home
Quiet people build the hardest gold
— You Will Get Well Soon, It’s A Race For Our New Home


ith your fist that’s bleeding from times of war
All you aim for is an untied breath
And for the case you should fail you brought your knife along
I will be so sad to hear that you’re dead
— You Will Get Well Soon, I Sold My Hands For Food So Please Feed Me

part of blue gerbera 1mb

Over the last few years, I went from counting lines of code to counting downloads to counting users. — Gregory Brown

We never sleep at night – we tremble
We never turn out the light at all
But one day we’ll be free
One fine day we’re free
— You Will Get Well Soon, We Are Cannibal Corpse



You said Clapton wrote that song for you
But you don’t look wonderful tonight
With wet eyes and black mascara on your cheeks
At least they’ll notice
— You Will Get Well Soon, I’m Dreaming Of A White Wedding

plumcake bicolore
00:17 <mitsuhiko> wie heißt :: in php nochml?
00:18 <mitsuhiko> Paamayim Nekudotayim
00:18 <chris2> wtf
00:18 <mitsuhiko>
00:19 <chris2> und ich dachte das wäre was von lovecraft :P

Don’t you think you’ll never be loved
I hold your hand till the bleeding stops
I hold your hand till you fall apart
And you dream your endless dream
— You Will Get Well Soon, Your Endless Dream


To the beat of my automatic heart you sing a song of life
We let it all go by on this easterday — no one
Will divide us again
— You Will Get Well Soon, Tick Tack Goes My Automatic Heart

Holding up the sky

In general, Perl functions do exactly what you want, unless you want consistency. — Programming Perl

Blue Shirting Fabric


astratto a colori

You hide under maple leaves
That’s the most secret place
Hide your secret beauty
Just guard that secret well
With your life
— You Will Get Well Soon, Help To Prevent Forest Fires

Église d'Auvers-sur-Oise

What a beautiful weapon you got in your eyes
You hold the flower that never unfolds
I love you, I love you; the rest is a lie
What a beautiful weapon you got in your eyes
— Curt Kirkwood, Beautiful Weapon



There was a swirling mass of water that lived in a quiet pond
It asked permission from its master to visit the lands beyond
And its master allowed it to fly
So the wind swept the whirlpool across the sky
— Meat Puppets, Whirlpool

Someone who wasn’t related to anyone
Twisted the facts till the truth was apparent
And dished up a dollop of dubious doo-doo
That sparkled like something folks scrambled to swallow
— Meat Puppets, Sam



Prop up their tents with one piece of rope from a curtain inside me.
Purging reform would admit that you fail, start bumming at parties.
Chasing a reason, refusing to reason by listening to reason.
Chasing a reason, refusing to reason by listening to reason.
— Minutemen, Life Is A Rehearsal


The people will survive
In their environment
The dirt, scarcity, and emptiness
Of our South
— Minutemen, Corona


We can fall below
Or lift our selves above
Fear can stop you loving
Love can stop your fear
— Morcheeba, Fear And Love

13:56 <smoofles> wobei, du könntest assi sein und mädels nachrennen
13:56 <chris2> besser als rails :P
Yarn and what not 075

Remember Lot’s wife
Renounce all sin and vice
Dream of the perfect life
This heaven gives me migraine
— Gang Of Four, Natural’s Not In It


River Uck in fullflood Jan08 (7)

The world is getting flatter,
The sky is falling all around.
And nothing is the matter
For I never cry in town.
— Tom Waits, Strange Weather


We pounded out the joyous light.
Our saviors buried now for years.
A legend now of time gone by,
A martyr of forgotten tears.
— Abney Park, Stigmata Martyr


123 (84)

What I meant to say was I love you
What’s been killin’ me is I hurt you
What I didn’t do was hold you when I saw the teardrops fall
What I should’ve said was I’m sorry
What I should’ve said was forgive me
What I meant to say was what I didn’t say at all
— Wade Hayes, What I Meant To Say

What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof. — Christopher Hitchens

ThoughtIt makes me stumble that some 1999ish web designs, notably or still look far better than most “modern” sites today. ( seems down, btw. :/ Good I made a mirror.)
red sky, 1/14/2008

Want isn’t clean,
And want isn’t man enough for me,
To make me believe,
That want could ever fill my need,
To be.
— Giant Drag, High Friends In Places


I’m alright, I’m alright
It only hurts when I breathe
I’m alright, I’m alright
It only hurts when I breathe
— Melissa Etheridge, Breathe

fred olsen cruise 2007 264
Caixa de Peixes
15:16 <sepp2k_> nhjuzgfuk
15:17 <sepp2k_> Sorry.
15:18 <shevy> lol
15:18 <shevy> cthulhu lebt!
15:18 <shevy> nyarlathotep wird uns alle verspeisen

Danger is always most exciting, makes us feel alive
So does fighting, so starving, so does trying to survive
And so our futures tend to pass, we need our saints and Judah’s
We need our crucibles, we need to hunger, that’s what makes us humans
— Sunshine Blind, Keyeslough


WE LOVE TO BUILD™ isolated communities

Don’t you ever wish for a kick that’s long?
A kick thats long?
Don’t you ever wish
grow a pair of wings
a pretty pair of wings.
— Verbena, Baby Got Shot

20:09 <chris2> full ack
20:09 <entropie> kennsch nich
20:09 <mitsuhiko> entropie: php entwickler wollen programmiersprache für cms schreiben und scheitern am parser, typoscript ist geboren

Now my head is clear
My luke hands washed
My daughter’s pure
My son is tall
Land of plenty, land of fun
To find out I’m Nimrod’s son
— The Pixies, Nimrod’s Son


ಹಳೆಯ ನೆನಪಂತೆ ......

Just because I’m good at fooling you
When no ones around
I walk in your shoes
— Mono, Silicone


I lost myself on the subway train
and i know now what it’s worth
to have you here
I took the L in my final breath
and it’s everything to me
to have you here
please help me god
all I know is that this is the end.
— Atomica, Recent


I’m waiting on the empty docks
Watching the ships roll in
I’m waiting for the agony to stop
Oh, let the happiness in
— Sylvian David, Let The Happiness In


Ich weiß, das mir nichts angehört,
Als der Gedanke, der ungestört
Aus meiner Seele will fließen,
Und jeder günstige Augenblick,
Den mich ein liebendes Geschick
Von Grundaus läßt genießen.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Eigenthum


My mother told me, don’t ever change
You’re original, in your own way
My mother told me, don’t ever change
You’re original, got your own path
— Leftfield, Original

How to Hack a Diebold Voting Machine
ThoughtDiscovery of the day: NNW can sort by date reversed. *selfslap*

Underneath the chilly gray November sky
We can make believe that Kennedy is still alive and
Were shooting for the moon and smiling Jackie’s driving by and
They say ‘good try’
Tomorrow Wendy is going to die
Tomorrow Wendy is going to die
— Concrete Blonde, Tomorrow, Wendy




More sweet
More sweet
Iconography fucks with me
You look great in bloodstains
— Massive Attack, Antistar

Suddenly I see
I go ba-dap ba-dap ba-dap ba-dap
every time you walk in the room
no escape for me
I go ba-dap ba-dap ba-dap ba-dap
every time you’re close to me
— Lamb, B Line




Drinking friends
who’ve drunk in bars
whose drunken friends
in drinking bars, waiting
for the lightning man to strike.
— Nitzer Ebb, Lightning Man


I can’t get anything done
with you shaking around like that.
I can’t take if off for fun
with that animal on your back.
— Prick, Animal


Bacon on a MacBook Pro

As I lay like a lizard to bake in that sun,
A young Indian girl from her corn field she run;
She rolled and she cried till I thought she might die,
So I pulled out my shirt tall and dried both her eyes.
— Woody Guthrie, Circle Of Truth

23:29 * LoganCapaldo just remembered he got a cookbook for christmas
23:29 <LoganCapaldo> I should do something with that
23:32 <Korollary> Cookbook with syrup can be nice.

The snow it blowed and the wind it blew;
My little seed grew and it grew and it grew.
It grew up a cradle all soft inside;
And a baby was sleeping there covered over with vines.
— Woody Guthrie, Little Seed



m1 crab nebula

Dein Fuß hat grad mein Bein berührt, dein Zeh hat mich gekrault
Drei Finger hoch der Gin, das Glas im Gesicht
Und ich frag auch gar nicht, was du da machst
Komm rüber hier, ich kitzel dich, mal sehn ob du lachst
Und das ist noch rein, rein, rein, rein gar nichts
— Element Of Crime, Rein Gar Nichts


Kurz vor der ersten Straßenbahn
Sind die Gedanke müde und schwer
Ein Stern fällt ins Wasser und der Mond hinterher
Einmal für dich, einmal für mich
— Element Of Crime, Wenn Der Morgen Graut


the rose

I had drifted o’er seas without ending,
    Under sinister grey-clouded skies,
That the many-forked lightning is rending,
    That resound with hysterical cries;
With the moans of invisible daemons, that out of the green waters rise.
— H. P. Lovecraft, Nemesis

Man is a breath, and Life is the fire;
Birth is death, and silence the choir
Wrest from the aeons the heart of gold!
Tear from the fabric the threads that are old!
Life! Ah, Life!
— H. P. Lovecraft, Life’s Mystery



ThoughtAnarchaia will resume publishing Saturday, January 5. Happy holiday.

Popping wheelies on her motorbike
Straight girls wish they were dykes
She’ll do anything on a dare
Mom and Daddy’s worst nightmare
— L7, Fast and Frightening


When I feel like I’m about out of hell
I can feel my cage is shrinking
I can see the light from a prison cell
I can feel the world weeping
Understand me, understand me
Release – acceleration
— Machines Of Loving, Acceleration


Out in the valley of wandering sleep
The images flood I can not keep
It’s picking me up blind energy
I’m floating on sensations wings
Fluttering kisses I go by
It catches me and soothes my worried mind
— Supreme Beings Of Leisure, Last Girl On Earth Lyrics


Low red moon,
How can you sleep like a baby,
Sleep like baby?
Sleep like baby?
— Belly, Low Red Moon