Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)



Each link of the chain is choking
But each link of chain can be broken
Each link takes my takes my love away from me
But only your love can set me free
From this chain around my neck
— Dan Bern, Chain Around My Neck

11:40 <duschendestroyer> LHC könnte auch ein haskell compiler sein
11:40 <duschendestroyer> sowie GHC, YHC und NHC
11:41 <duschendestroyer> und THC
Lesser-Known Polygons  no. 13

Well India and Pakistan
Are thinking of trading nuclear bombs
Israel and the PLO –
Suicide’s the way to go
Meanwhile the lessons of 9-1-1 are clear… Let’s blow up the Middle East… Smoking marijuana aids terrorists… Cuba’s our enemy unless we need a prison camp… John Walker Lindh could be your kid unless we get an economic stimulus package… And let’s get that guy in Cleveland – AL KIDA!
— Dan Bern, Talkin’ Al Kida Blues