Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)



As your lips form the words that you won’t say
In the distance, your favorite song plays
I turn you over and look in your eyes
Promise you that this is forever or ‘til one of us dies
— She Wants Revenge, Written In Blood

18:52 <shevy> lol
18:56 <duschendestroye2> shevy: kennst du auch andere w├Ârter?
18:57 <et> *fluester* korrekte antwort ist "lol, ja"
18:59 <shevy> lol, ja
19:01 <christophsturm> lol!

Young man, in mathematics you don’t understand things, you just get used to them. — John von Neumann

I let out the freak
for all to see
And she won’t let you think that you’re
so much better than me
— Swollen Lyrics, Jack off Jill