Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


You’re still breathing but you don’t know why
Life’s a bit and sometimes you die
You’re still breathing but you just can’t tell
Don’t hold your breath
But the pretty things are going to hell
— David Bowie, The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell

Flickr Loves Sushi. Mmm.
ThoughtRezepttipp Deutsches Beefsteak: Hackfleisch mit Salz und Pfeffer würzen und anbraten, danach mit Röstzwiebeln und Spiegelei auf Brot servieren.

Prolog is a great language for writing append; after that it’s all downhill. — Paul Graham, Take the Arch Challenge

by h²oxy

For such an innocent face
Such an innocent face
You got an innocent
You’re an innocent
— Veruca Salt, Innocent