Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Yes if ever your travels
Take you this far from home
Consult your map carefully
Steer clear of Rome
— Dan Bern, Rome

17:08 <rretzbach> % ls -l /dev/chris2
17:08 <rretzbach> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 2007-08-16 17:07 /dev/chris2 -> /dev/null
17:08 <chris2> LOL
17:09 <chris2> \0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0
17:09 <rretzbach> :DDDDDDDD

Her eyes told me things I d only but dreamed
Her hair was strawberry golden
When silence did reign I was simply amazed
That mine was the hand she was holding
— Dan Bern, I’ll See You Someday