Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


ThoughtI’m at Southside until Monday enjoying some good music. Have a nice weekend.
Storm Lamps

I see the world, feel the chill.
Which way to go? Windowsill.
I see the words on a rocking horse of time.
I see the verse in the rain.
— Pearl Jam, Release

11:44 <chris2> hi
11:45 <unfo-> hi
11:45 <raggi> hi
11:46 <essyaj> hi
11:46 <GarethAdams> hi
11:47 <dlecocq> hi
11:49 <scoopr> hi
Storm Warning

I will walk with my hands bound…
I will walk with my face blood…
I will walk with my shadow flag…
Into your garden, garden of stone.
— Pearl Jam, Garden