Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


ThoughtProbably no Anarchaia tomorrow, I’m away all day. Visiting the zoo.

So I tell them that
I can fly, I will scream, I will break my arm
I will do me harm
Here I stand, foot in hand, talking to my wall
I’m not quite right at all…am I?
— David Bowie, All The Madmen

21:57 <eTM> luhmann hatte am ende so viele zettelchen, dass sie die decke verstärken mussten
21:57 <eTM> sonst wäre der raum mit den zettelchen durchgebrochen
17:40 <nullie> is there opposite of String#succ ?
17:40 <chris2> no
17:40 <apeiros_> String#blow

Just then a bolt of lightning
Struck the courthouse out of shape,
And while ev’rybody knelt to pray
The drifter did escape.
— Bob Dylan, Drifter’s Escape