Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)



At night the birds rest easy
It s the dreamy of sleep of birds
In the morning wash their dreams away
With television words
— Dan Bern, Ostrich Town

23:16 <chris2> penpen: das tab hab ich vorhin übersehen…
23:17 <chris2> penpen: es kommutiert nicht. *scnr*
23:17 <rretzbach> LOL
23:17 <rretzbach> Den fand ich gut.
23:17 <rretzbach> Gerade für Mathelaien :>
16:53 <apeiros> def two_fish; "<°»»< >««°>"; end

Cops will stop you coming into town doing a buck over 35
Saturday night is karaoke night
You kill ‘em with the Lovesick Blues
Hard times on the desert plain and the wind is stronger than you
— Dan Bern, Hard Times

23:28 <zenspider> you're making things needlessly complex
23:29 <teferi> now there's a #ruby-lang motto if ever I saw one
ThoughtThanks to the anonymous reader that sent me a postcard from Prague.