Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


18:49 <kig> chris2: do you think about The Big Philosophical Questions?
18:49 <chris2> where can i get food?
18:50 <kig> implement replicator, warez bread recipe, get sent to the jail by the breadmakers association of germany, state provides food
12:13 <chris2> /mode #ruby-de chris2 -v
12:20 <et> du hast kein +v ;)
12:21 <chris2> ich hab eben meine stimme abgegeben ;)

I wish i could fly up in a helicopter
I’d shine a blinding light on your escape
Better to show you
That i’ll sink pretty deep, pretty deep, pretty deep
I’ll sink pretty deep, pretty deep, pretty deep
— Tanya Donelly, Pretty Deep

23:42 <hulahub> is wer von euch in Gnome ?!
23:44 <rretzbach> Kennt sich wer mit Metafragen aus?
23:46 <chris2> rretzbach: kennst du dich mit gegenfragen aus?
23:48 <rretzbach> chris2: "rretzbach: kennst du dich mit gegenfragen aus?" < Ne, du?

Her rosy cheeks her ruby lips
Like arrows pierced my breast
And the name she bore was Flora,
the lily of the west.
— Bob Dylan, Lily Of The West

Stonehenge horizon
23:13 <xerox> A friend of mine challenged me in an IQ test, a question asked something like "if a guy is touching his left ear with his right hand in front of a mirror, does it look like that he's touching his right ear with his left hand in the mirror?".
23:13 <xerox> I was about to answer after a moment of thinking… when he turned off the monitor and checked it by using it as a mirror. I was stunned.
23:14 <franka> Why were you stunned?
23:14 <xerox> I wouldn't *ever* thought of that.
23:15 <xerox> I realized that I never stay before a monitor turn'd off.
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