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We shall overcome, we shall overcome
We shall overcome someday
Here in my heart, I do believe
We shall overcome someday
— Pete Seeger, We Shall Overcome

ThoughtHow Anarchaia changed my life, by Miikka Koskinen: “First I thought it hasn’t had any influence on me. But on second thought, maybe it actually has changed my life. Every day after school when I get home, boot my computer and launch Opera, first thing I do is I refresh Anarchaia’s tab and start clicking through the new links. […] Finally, Nukumi’s Emacs mode has made me consider Emacs as a real alternative to Vim. I’ve actually started using Emacs for some things like writing. I need to migrate to Emacs 22, though, as I need Unicode support. (I don’t use Nukumi, I just read the source some day) So yeah, I guess without Anarchaia my world would be different.”
ThoughtHow Anarchaia changed my life, by Gregory Brown: “Previous to Anarchaia, I usually looked at things like popular, or technorati, or flickr to see anything that was rising to the top on those sites. Anarchaia has managed to stick a lot of the best stuff from these resources right in one quick to read and aesthetically pleasing blog. Also, Chris feeds my ego by quoting me a lot, which is a very important feature of Anarchaia. ;)”

There’s a wall of pride high and wide,
Can’t see over to the other side
It’s such a sad thing to see beauty decay,
It’s sadder still to feel your heart turn away
— Bob Dylan, Cold Irons Bound

ThoughtHow Anarchaia changed my life, by Eric LaForest: “I read your site to come across non-trivial articles and blogs about programming. It expands my horizons and helps me refine what I will do in graduate studies.”
ThoughtThanks to everyone that sent in how Anarchaia changed sheits life.