Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


RailsConf Europe attendee

21:23 <chris2> mycase.pack(*stuff); { |there| there.attend }; myroom << mycase.unpack
london calling

Woke up this morning with light in my eyes
And then realized it was still dark outside
It was a light coming down from the sky
I don’t know who or why
— The Byrds, Mr. Spaceman

ThoughtIf Subversion 1.4.0 crashes for you trying to access http repositories, update libneon and link against the updated version.

To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)
There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)
And a time to every purpose, under Heaven
— Pete Seeger, Turn! Turn! Turn!

16:56 <eTM> achja, eine sache noch geb ich dir auf den weg
16:56 <eTM> wenn du als rails typ zurückkommst, dann übernehm ich den channel und schmeiss dich raus