Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Vitruvian Mann

I will meditate each morning at the sunrise
I will write down all of my dreams
I will travel on the back roads, I will
Keep myself open to whatever
— Dan Bern, Rice

18:49 <rue> chris2's Kung Fu vely stlong
18:50 <chris2> i'm just long enough here to already have seen every bug before :-P
14:46 <rretzbach> Nix los heute?
14:46 <chris2> wenig
14:46 <rretzbach> Oder ist es Mittwoch und ich bin der einzige, der es für samstags hält?

Now of all of these things
There is something that is real
That is called a day
I know when a day begins because the sun comes up
And I know when it’s over because the sun goes down
That’s real
— Dan Bern, Days And Months And Years