Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)



And perfect blue, what are you gonna do
Until it rains, don’t watch for storms
Don’t count your casualties until there’s a war
— Dead Moon, Until It Rains

18:53 <chris2> rdoc ist so "ich erklär mal was diese funktion macht"
18:54 <chris2> perldoc ist so "lass uns eine sinnvolle manpage bauen"
18:54 <chris2> javadoc ist so "wir beschreiben in 300 html files und 766 frames welche abstrakten interfaces unser produkt hat"
Calla Lilies and Clouds

There’s a red light on the hill
And a bridge out going down
There’s a city limits marker
Of an unfamiliar town
With my head slightly bent
I can see it in the light
Unknown passage
Cuttin’ like a knife through the night
— Dead Moon, Unknown Passage