Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Carved out of Stone

You fasten all the triggers
For the others to fire
Then you set back and watch
While the death count gets higher
Then you hide in your mansion
While the young people’s blood
Flows out of their bodies
And is buried in the mud
— Bob Dylan, Masters Of War

22:23 <plemplem> ich kann nicht wie penpen sein :(
22:24 <plemplem> Da muss einem immer was einfallen, was alle kennen.
22:24 <chris2> haha
22:24 <plemplem> Aber ich weiß noch nichts :(
17:40 <rretzbach> Diesmal nicht Immanuel Cunt?
As paredes tem ouvidos?

The sea was red and the sky was grey,
I wondered how tomorrow could ever follow today.
The mountains and the canyons started to tremble and shake
as the children of the sun began to awake.
— Led Zeppelin, Going to California

23:06 <schnitzl> "you are one of those guys who use liquid soap in prison because it takes longer to pick up"