Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


18:50 <chris2> "self-healing minefield" <– übelstes oxymoron des jahres
LaakerReunion06 155

That until the basic human rights
Are equally guaranteed to all,
Without regard to race—
Dis a war.
— Bob Marley, War

14:20 <chris2> lucas-: i'll enjoy all the lil' water molecules with less energy than the air that surrounds them
14:21 <chris2> chris2 + h2o -> chris2(aq)
14:22 * fowlduck places alkali metals in chris' h2O
14:22 <lucas-> chris2(aq) {|aChris2| swim(aChris2)}
14:22 <darix> lucas-: autoswimming? quite salty water?;)
14:22 <lucas-> haha
14:22 <lucas-> chris2 swims in the dead sea
14:23 <chris2> better than a dead chris2 in the sea

Sometimes I think that everyone
Really speaks a foreign tongue
Like I say X and you hear Y
But I push these thoughts from my mind
And close my eyes and live
I close my eyes and live another day
— Dan Bern, Live Another Day

22:44 <AnalphaBestie> Programmierer die einem bei foo||bar dumm anschaun, kann man sofort knicken
22:44 <chris2> ack
22:45 <AnalphaBestie> ich habe mich am anfang wirklich gewundert warum und wieso und woher, irgendwann wunderte ich mich nur noch ueber die sammlungen foos, und bars in meinem ~