Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Pink Mystery

How long shall they kill our prophets,
While we stand aside and look?
Yes, some say it’s just a part of it:
We’ve got to fullfil the book.
— Bob Marley, Redemption Song

19:18 <_ion> When i saw some gaming site calling a MUD "a text-based MMORPG", i felt old. :-)
Nordsee und Sonne 4
13:27 * markey admits, he's not a fan of ruby's "many ways to rome"
13:27 <dagbrown> markey: Rejoice! For you, there is Python.

And then I took this striped old piece of cloth
And tried my best to wash the garbage off.
But I found it had been used to wrapping lies.
It smelled and stank and attracted all the flies.
— Pete Seeger, The Torn Flag