Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)



Come on and stir it up; …, little darlin’!
Stir it up; come on, baby!
Come on and stir it up, yeah!
Little darlin’, stir it up! O-oh!
— Bob Marley, Stir It Up

11:57 <chell> would that be good oop?
11:58 <kesV> good oop is a relative term
11:58 <chris2> hi
11:58 <chell> let me put it like this: Is there a more-oop/rubyish way?
11:59 <chris2> kesV: as in, "it depends whether you ask a c++ or a smalltalk person?" ;-)
Thought“Fußball ist für Männer wie Schuhe für Frauen.”

Are you really rideing?
the sun is a risin’
the sign is a risin’
Moon is rising
— Bob Marley, Rainbow Country

An Origami Star!