Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


VW by Echo_29
21:46 <MenTaLguY> I tried very hard to like OCaml, but … I just couldn't somehow.
21:47 <MenTaLguY> when I tried OCaml, it was like … WHY?
21:47 <chris2> MenTaLguY: because they are french

Remember me
Remember me
But ah…
Forget my fate
— Ane Brun, Laid In Earth

13:46 <@sandal> uniqueness test failing
13:47 < JEG2> Maybe you aren't weird enough. Maybe you're really just
like the rest of us.

And then I would tell the world
Tell the world
About the way you hold my hand
And they would
They would understand
— Ane Brun, Song No. 6

Starlings above Apts Albertbridge Belfast.