Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)



Monotomy makes me weary
Assurance awakes distructiveness
As I lie in my diary
To justify the choices I make
— Ane Brun, On/Off

15:53 <chris2> def Time.tomorrow; sleep 86_400;; end
15:53 <_ion> class Time; def yesterday; sleep -64_500;; end; end
15:54 <chris2> that only works with -DTIMETRAVEL, tho
15:55 <dagbrown> Imagine if you had -DTIMETRAVEL? You could cheerfully write O(n!) algorithms as long as you had a sleep(-1) at the beginning of every iteration.
ThoughtPatriotismus, der: Tatsache, aufgrund elf Männern, die irgendwie deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft erhalten haben und hinter einer Kugel her rennen, sich Kriegsbemalung ins Gesicht zu schmieren und billige Stoffetzen in Schwarz-Rot-Gold an jedmögliche Gegenstände zu hängen.
ThoughtPatriot, der: 1) Film mit Mel Gibson; 2) US-Flugabwehrrakete.

Time after time I’ve tried to walk away
But it’s not that easy when your soul is torn in two
So I just resign myself to it every day
Now all I can do is to leave it up to you
— Sam Brown, Stop