Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Camber sands

I met this cool girl
And I told her I’d been blinded
I said I’ve lost my innocence
But you could help me find it
— Dan Bern, Thunder Road

ThoughtSoftware, n.: The parts of a computer that don’t break in physical ways.
20:45 <penpen> Wobei ich als Standardfont Fixed [Sony] verwende.
20:49 <chris2> penpen: fixed rockt!
20:50 <empi> hanuk drogenchannel hier?
20:50 <empi> achso, fixed, net fixen. sorry
20:51 <Frixon> Freudscher Verleser.
20:53 <penpen> empi: Verfixt und zugedröhnt
20:53 <chris2> ;)
16:02 <chris2> toll, der heuschnupfen-nasenspray riecht nach blumen…

It’s never
As good as the first time
As the first time (Never as good as the first time)
The first time
— Sade, Never As Good As The First Time