Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


this is not an apple

See them big plantations burning
Hear the cracking of the whips
Smell that sweet magnolia blooming
See the ghosts of slavery ships
— Bob Dylan, Blind Willie McTell

18:11 * imperator releases win32-dir 0.3.0 into the wild
19:15 * imperator releases win32-eventlog-0.4.1 into the wild
20:09 * imperator is back from lunch
20:09 <imperator> i miss anything good?
20:15 imajes imperator
20:15 <chris2> imperator: the WWF called, they dont want the wild polluted with windows modules :P
18:27 <imperator> String#constantize is now String#istanbul
15:18 <rozallin> Is it usually this quiet in here?
15:18 <manveru> no…
15:19 <manveru> usually it's more quiet, but you just disturbed the silence

Well I need a woman, yes I do
Need a woman, yes I do.
Someone who can see me as I am,
Somebody who just don’t give a damn.
And I want you to be that woman every night,
Be that woman.
— Bob Dylan, Need A Woman