Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)



Knock to world
Right off its feet and straight onto its head
Oopala, we’re lonely laughing after you are dead
Fascinated by the look of you and what was said
Make a play for all the brightest minds in life will share
— Red Hot Chili Peppers, She’s Only 18

20:28 * chris2 invents an APL-like syntax for relational algebra
20:39 * chris2 runs out of ascii chars

The last good thing written in C was Franz Schubert’s Symphony Number 9. — Erwin Dieterich (via Jean-Claude Wippler)

flower power

It looks to me like heaven
Sent this for your roughest night
She looks to me
She looks to me all right
— Red Hot Chili Peppers, She Looks To Me

14:26 * chris2 war grad geschlagene 3h dauerfuttern
14:26 <chris2> sie nennen es "brunch"
14:29 <penpen> chris2: Grausam. Bei drei Stunden müsste die Chose einen französischen Namen haben.