Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)



Sister has her headphones on
She hears the music blasting
She sees here brother marchin’ by
Their bond is everlasting
Listening to Bob Dylan singin’
In 1963
Watchin’ the flags of freedom flyin’
— Neil Young, Flags Of Freedom

17:06 <kuja> irb(main):002:0> :foo + :bar
17:06 <kuja> => :foobar
17:06 <kuja> Sorry, I defined that :P
17:06 <kuja> Just felt like making dagbrown WRONG! :O

Life just kind of empties out
Less a deluge than a drought
Less a giant mushroom cloud
Than an unexploded shell
Inside a cell
Of the Lennox Hotel
— Aimee Mann, Little Bombs

22:24 <coops> hey
22:24 <JBu> Anyone here worked with Ferret?
22:26 <Skiz> I got bit by one once.