Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


strom III

It’s a shame to awaken, world aflame
What does it mean when the war has taken over?
It’s the same every day in a hell man-made
What can be saved, and who will be left to hold her?
— Pearl Jam, World Wide Suicide

20:26 <sandal> i like when chris2 quotes me without my permission. ;)
20:27 <sandal> Perhaps he doesn't need it. All my quotes are belong to chris2?
20:27 <dpy> haa!
20:19 * j`ey has been on anarchaia twice! yay!
20:19 <sandal> ;)
20:19 * sandal has been on anarchaia in many embarrasing ways.
20:19 * sandal can't spel.
Unha botella sen mensaxe

If I dont lose control
Explore and not explode
A preternatural other plane
With the power to maintain
— Pearl Jam, Severed Hand

15:53 <chris2> es gibt doch wirklich dümmere lernfächer als religion :/
15:56 <rretzbach> Kunst?
15:56 <rretzbach> Obwohl.
15:56 <rretzbach> Ist alles nützlich…
15:56 <chris2> sporttheorie :/
15:56 <rretzbach> LOL
15:56 <rretzbach> In der Tat.
15:57 <rretzbach> Sporttheorie hat mir NICHTS gebracht.
15:57 <rretzbach> Außer vielleicht Spicktechniken.