Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


19:00 <kig> good suse
19:00 <kig> good german engineering, full of KRAFT and STURM
19:01 <kig> Sturmwehrinstallerierungskorps Achtung!
19:04 <kig> =_=

Writing is like jazz. It can be learned, but it can’t be taught. — Paul Desmond

And when I’m lying in my bed
I think about life
And I think about death
And neither one particularly appeals to me
— The Smiths, Nowhere Fast

Away Message: zommbbbiiegetcoffeeeee
15:36 <dagbrown> j`ey: The first sign of madness is talking to yourself. The second sign of madness is hair on your palms.
15:36 <j`ey> dagbrown:I dont have hair on my palms, which is good
15:37 <dagbrown> j`ey: Third sign is checking for hair on your palms.

Everyday it’s something
Hits me all so cold
Find me sittin’ by myself
No excuses, then I know
— Alice In Chains, No Excuses

12:19 <epitron> {{:-) <- happy klingon
12:19 <epitron> }}:-( <- angry klingon