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ThoughtWhoa, over 50 links today.

It’s been… seven days without a word.
I have to keep you and Paris on my mind,
I have to keep you and Paris on my mind.
— Dido, Paris

Notre Dame

If you don’t understand interpreters, you can still write programs; you can even be a competent programmer. But you can’t be a master. — D.P. Friedman, M. Wand, T. Hayne, Essentials of Programming Languages

You know, take Lisp. You know, it’s the most beautiful language in the world. At least up until Haskell came along. — Larry Wall

18:01 <flgr> duplicating work is a bad thing
18:02 <hoopy> if it was for work i wouldn't duplicate
18:02 <hoopy> but for fun i will
18:02 <chris2> a true rubyist
18:03 <chris2> enjoys making libraries more than writing apps :P
grande arch
Rooftops #2

I done my traveling
I done my traveling
From now on, it’s just gambling,
That I’ll be doing here
Be doing here
— Dan Bern, Cowboy

20:41 <chris2> endlich normale leute!
20:41 <chris2> <– kommt aus paris :P
20:41 <penpen> USA?
20:41 <eTM> ah, drum warst nicht da
20:41 <chris2> penpen: ?
20:41 <eTM> in usa gibts auch ein paris
20:41 <penpen> Paris ist ein Kaff in Texas :-)