Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


16:55 <IRCMonkey> Hello everyone. Did you hear that Matz got injured by a python!?
16:56 <ibroadfo> while drinking a cup of java and polishing his pearl ring?
16:57 <IRCMonkey> Yea, well, ibroadfo, I didn't read the whole article. ;)
16:57 <Alterego> The 1st of April gets worse each year …
pic 331

I should not keep going on about these two I met last night
One is deep and one is light
One is pretty, one is bright
Virginia and Patricia
Patricia and Virginia
Careless loping curls
Clever, clever girls
— Dan Bern, Virginia And Patricia

14:13 <chris2> leuts, ich muss euch was sagen
14:14 <chris2> ich hab seit einem monat keine periode mehr gehabt
14:14 <rretzbach> Ach du kacke!
14:14 <rretzbach> Weiss dein Freund Bescheid?
14:14 <chris2> noch nicht
14:14 <rretzbach> uh oh
14:14 <chris2> soll ichs ihm sagen?
14:15 <rretzbach> Der wird dich killen.
14:15 <chris2> :/
14:15 <rretzbach> Denn wer Schuld hat, sollte klar sein!
14:15 <chris2> wenn ich mir da so sicher wäre
13:21 <kig> hey, guess i'm starting to like computer science and dislike programming
13:22 <kig> education, turning productive members of society into useless windbags

You know that life really takes it’s toll
and a poet’s gut reaction is to search his very soul.
So much damn confusion before my eyes,
but nothing seems to phase me and this one still survives.
— Ramones, Poison Heart

What must I test, you’re probably asking. The official XP answer is, you only have to test the things that you want to have work. — Ron Jeffries, Extreme Programming Installed