Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)



Liquid bread and rubber ice
Make a promise, grow teeth, go to bed
Wake up when you’re dead
— Meat Puppets, Station

18:35 <chris2> dinnr
18:35 <technomancy> i love irc… it's the best way to learn about worldwide timezones
18:36 <technomancy> whenever i need to figure out what time it is in europe, i just think, "Well, chris2 usually has dinner around this time…"
17:57 * sethrasmussen marvels *yet again* at Silly Putty
17:57 <chris2> the dumbest ssh client? *scnr*
Blutbeschmierte Freiheitsstatue (Statue of liberty)

There’s a seed on the wind
There’s a rose in the seed
On the petals of the rose
Is the smell of sweet ammonia
— Meat Puppets, Sweet Ammonia