Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Brighton Pavillion

The snow falls down so beautiful and stupid
Fore the black silhouette of Abraham Lincoln trees
The sky is low like a Japanese table.
And the horse’s legs look like four brown shotguns
— Silver Jews, Time Will Break The World

18:58 <bingeldac> but he is from those whacky php channels
18:58 <chris2> not me
18:58 <chris2> i never did php
18:58 <chris2> (it rhymes)

Send in the clouds. Bring down the rain.
Shut all the blinds, turn out the lights:
I feel insane when you get in my bed.
— Silver Jews, Send In The Clouds

17:19 <klapmuetz> obwohl, ich war gestern einkaufen… ich vergess nur immer die haelfte :-D
17:20 <chris2> wer beim einkaufen immer die hälfte vergisst, muss so oft hin, bis er mit einer halben milchtüte zurückkommt
13:25 * lucsky thinks chris2 is hopeless
13:26 <lucsky> (but I won't say it because I want more cool links in Anarchaia)