Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


frozen blues

You got my heart you got my soul
You got the silver you got the gold
You got the diamonds from the mine
Well that’s all right, it’ll buy some time
— The Rolling Stones, You Got The Silver

22:56 <chris2> ruby -e 'begin load "/dev/urandom"; rescue Exception; p $!; end'
22:56 <chris2> works nicely
22:58 <technomancy> chris2: i can't believe you just did that
22:58 <technomancy> awesome
22:59 <chris2> the probability it contains `rm -rf ~` is pretty low :P
22:59 <technomancy> the ruby version of russian roulette? =D
Cidade Mais linda do mundo!

Well the train come in the station
And I looked her in the eye
Whoa, I felt so sad so lonesome
That I could not help but cry
— The Rolling Stones, Love In Vain