Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


The Twelve Olympians

Through the lonely nights I think of you
Through the lonely hours I dream of you
I don’t no why I do it, but I do
Why do you take it, what’s wrong with you?
— The Rolling Stones, Through The Lonely Nights

19:53 <chris2> oh wow, the perl oo song
19:53 <chris2> NP: Ben Harper—Blessed To Be A Witness
19:22 <DannoHung> Dangit… is there like a #python-actually-helpful or something?
19:24 <danfg> DannoHung: there's a #python-with-closures-and-other-goodies-and-without-all-the-whitespace-and-crap. Also known as #ruby-lang
19:25 <kuja> #readable-perl, that's also #ruby-lang?

It’s big and heavy on the browser—which I suspect means that it finds memory bugs quicker, they seem to die more often. — Henri Yandell, To Gmail or not to Gmail

Beach Road in Bantry Bay

Now I can, I can hold you,
oh–with my own two hands
And I, and I can comfort you,
with my own two hands
— Ben Harper, With My Own Two Hands

12:12 <chris2> corundum: my whip?
12:12 <corundum> beats me
12:12 <chris2> whee
12:12 <kuja> haha