Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


18:51 <chris2> wo verstecken sich eigentlich die mädels mit iq > 50 im internet?
18:52 <rretzbach> IQ welchen Landes?
18:52 <chris2> deutsch bevorzugt
18:52 <rretzbach> Schon schwer welche mit IQ > 0 zu finden.
17:45 <chris2> fitheach: is what i prefer to stare at when all other channels are silent ;)
17:46 <chris2> fitheach: there are no ops in + channels…
17:46 <stesch> Only idiots.

Now tears can’t stop the fire
They’re really more like candledrops
The wax is rolling down
In flames that char the paper walls
Of a cavernous heart
— Eyes Adrift, Telescope

14:13 * audreyt should really start working on her slides instead of perlcrastinating
11:50 <chris2> "Don't learn any of the BASIC family. My knowledge of this was a severe impediment to learning C++ a few years later. It teaches you really bad habits."
11:51 <chris2> from ruby-talk
11:51 <chris2> it's like, "be careful not to get AIDS, you could die before you get cancer"

Up on the sun
where it never rains or snows
There’s an ocean
with a wind that never blows
— Meat Puppets, Up On The Sun

Incoming !!
19:58 <chris2> haha, silly me
19:59 * chris2 thought "waltzing matilda" was written by tom waits :P