Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)



Just like stars burning bright
Making holes in the night
We are building bridges
— KT Tunstall, Universe and U

16:47 <slyphon> and to me "date" implies "granularity of one day"
16:47 <chris2> "i have a date, but i dont know when"
16:47 <slyphon> oh shit, what's that from?!
16:50 <slyphon> nome: it's not sad, it's a dylan line, and the bastard won't tell me what song it's from!
16:50 <slyphon> chris2: what is it from?
16:51 <chris2> slyphon: dunno, just made it up
16:51 <slyphon> chris2: you're the poet of a generation!
16:51 <chris2> slyphon: the dylanthon worked :P
18:23 <rretzbach> Ich streite nicht ab mal gayporn auf der Platte gehabt zu haben.
19:03 <rretzbach> Whaaa, so geil diese Eier.
(Okay, okay, out of context. ;-))
by `kevin
18:04 <sdh> so lambda is a new name for proc
18:04 <sdh> and is different
18:04 <slyphon> that's it! i'm going back to Java, where things make too much sense!
18:04 <chris2>
18:05 * sdh chuckles
18:05 <nooga> hehahah
18:05 <nooga> exactly this is my image of java

How do i show all the love
Inside my heart
— KT Tunstall, Through the Dark