Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


View from roof 1
20:07 <Lars_G> chris2: If I keep mentioning your word as law, and you gain in reputation, don't forget to give me a good possition in the organization. and a car.
20:07 <slyphon> chris2: and a cdr, if you're lucky
20:07 * slyphon ducks
20:07 <chris2> slyphon: too bad, the car is an atom!
20:07 <slyphon> :D
20:08 <slyphon> chris2: not a whole lot of trunk space then ;)
20:08 * chris2 knows that's technically wrong

And if you’re willing to look truthfully
I think you’ll see
That babe I’m not the guy who hurt you
Many years ago
— Dan Bern, I’m Not The Guy

18:50 <slyphon> my favorite mark twain quote: "Wagner's music is better than it sounds"
18:50 <slyphon> IT'S SO TRUE! :D
18:47 <slyphon> Visual Basic is dirty
18:47 <sdebaun> i dont know if 'dirty' is a strong enough word for VB
18:47 <sdebaun> 'a festering, maggot-ridden, mold-encrusted cornucpia of madness'

As you sit there in the shade
And reflect on the choices that I have made
Just remember what I ve done
Has been done in the glare of a blinding sun
— Dan Bern, Suzanne