Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


19:12 * oGMo writes a C to XML compiler to run on his XML86 CPU
19:13 <chris2> oGMo: gcc-xml exists :P
19:14 <arcatan> somebody, quick! gcc-yaml
19:14 <slyphon> oGMo: better than those 80sgml processors before
16:03 <lucsky> (hmmm, let's see if I this will be enough to be on Anarchaia)
16:03 <lucsky> chris2: omfg! Your tumblelog kicks some serious ass! I am not worthy!
16:04 <chris2> sheesh, try again
16:04 <lucsky> (crap)
16:04 <lucsky> ;)

She know their futures burning
but she can smile just the same. Same.
And though her mood is fine today
there’s a fear they’ll soon be parting ways.
— Pearl Jam, Parting Ways

london2006 032
15:43 <eTM> ich weiss nicht was ich will, aber das muss irgendwie schöner gehen
15:44 <eTM> ich glaub ich bin ein mädchen

It’s six o’clock get up the block
don’t be scared don’t be shocked
I’ll be there tonight on yours and mine’s night
I’m yours and mine tonight
— Martha Wainwright, GPT