Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


20:38 <musasabi> imho friends > people to have sex with.
20:39 <Korollary> relationhip algebra eh
20:40 <astrolabe> For some reason I read '>' as '=>' :)
16:05 <binary42> chris2: btw, kudos on Fugi. Nice concept. Makes me want to do some late night hacking right now. Maybe fit in another visual dimension.

Stars and satellites and clouds
Everything tonight is floating
And I am too so I hold your hand
And up above the moon is rowing
— Josh Ritter, You’ve Got The Moon


Das ist des Deutschen Vaterland,
Wo Eide schwört der Druck der Hand,
Wo Treue hell vom Auge blitzt,
Und Liebe warm im Herzen sitzt—
Das soll es sein!
Das, wackrer Deutscher, nenne dein!
— Ernst Moritz Arndt, Des Deutschen Vaterland