Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)



All the world is falling, falling
All the blue
From me and you
Tear drops falling to the ground
Tear drops
— Antony And The Johnsons, Rapture

18:22 * chris2 wants to have "410 Gone" on his tombstone

I have learned in over 50 years of living that when someone does something evil, it’s pretty likely they know what they’re doing. — Dave Winer

18:13 <qdiddy> did _why drop an acid tablet or something
18:14 <qdiddy> redhanded is full of craziness
18:16 <hal_9000> he doesn't drop acid
18:16 <hal_9000> acid drops him
18:17 <yxhvuud> I think he is like obelix except that he fell into a pot of acid
ThoughtOMG, I just almost stumbled over some dice. This is a sign!

Aurélie so klappt das nie
Du erwartest viel zu viel
Die Deutschen flirten sehr subtil
— Wir sind Helden, Aurélie

12:21 <binary42> chris2: Is there a reason anarchaia feeds are broken?
12:23 <chris2> they are valid
12:24 <binary42> hmm. a delete then add worked. sorry to bother you :-)
12:25 <chris2> i check them for well-formedness on upload now
12:25 <chris2> since the anarchaia software is very (fr)agile, you know? ;-)