Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


20:37 <Qerub> i wish an elephant could come here too :(
20:38 <zem> yeah
20:38 <zem> we're irrelephant in the grand scheme of things
20:39 * bitsweat runs his rake tusks against svn trunk
20:39 <Qerub> :D
20:39 <zem> surely a mammoth undertaking

The birds are in their pockets
The shoes are in their sense
The brazen, blazin’ butterflies
Are stunning in their silence
— Dan Bern, Changes

ThoughtThe Internet is mainly a social problem.
20:23 <Qerub>, what would that return?
20:23 <Qerub> GAH
20:23 <Qerub> excuse my stupidity
20:23 * Qerub bangs head
20:29 <chris2> Qerub: considering evolution… :P
20:30 <Qerub> chris2: …i should bang harder?

And now the heart is filled with gold
As if it was a purse.
But, oh, what kind of love is this
Which goes from bad to worse?
— Bob Dylan, Tears Of Rage