Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


loo by mapnjd

I’d like to go hang out with cats like Jesus
Kill Hitler, try cheering up Van Gogh
I’d like to go hang out with the young Bob Dylan
Maybe beat him at the horses if not the songs
So many, many things I ve never done
But maybe I can still do most of them
— Dan Bern, Hope For The Moon

You made me lose over 3 hours yesterday. Anarchaia is soooo beautiful to watch, the intermingled pictures, poems, and chat transcripts, even the german ones (of which I can only understand one or two words) create such an experience. — The Guy behind ViEmu

If you left me now, no one could say that you were wrong
But my life is a place where I am certain you belong
I know that our love can be as solid as a rock
All I need is one more chance, baby to unlock
— Dan Bern, Chain Around My Neck

2005.11.26 健康Basil蛋餅