Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


rumble tumble II

Everything is changing faster than I can describe
All I really know to do is grab the wheel and drive
I look for love, and some adventure
And I try not to let my own breathing scare me off the road
— Dan Bern, Black Tornado

21:07 <chris2> i hate when people leave the 2 out in my name in real life
21:07 <lypanov> chris2: awww
20:26 <lypanov> you could at least shoot 'em all fairly fast
20:26 <lypanov> self.insane?.class => Maybe
20:32 <chris2> self.insane? => Just Lypanov
Thanksgiving 2005; Miami

Now I’m getting ready
For another long season of silence
And skipping flat stones
Of nights filled with nothing
Of being alone
— Dan Bern, Being Alone

18:21 <DarkUnicorn> ich versteh nich warum die leute ein MS produkt kaufen und sich dann beschweren dass es dauernd abstuerzt